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Block Appearance

Each block element as well as table columns support the BackgroundFill, Border and BorderThickness properties that control the appearance of the block / column. The following code snippet shows how to create a paragraph with gradient filling and edged border:

Setting Block Appearance
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NParagraph paragraph = new NParagraph();

NTextInline textInline = new NTextInline("Paragraph with solid border and gradient filling applied on the background.");
textInline.Fill = new NColorFill(NColor.Aquamarine);
textInline.FontSize = 24;

paragraph.BackgroundFill = new NStockGradientFill(ENGradientStyle.FromCorner, ENGradientVariant.Variant1, NColor.Gainsboro, NColor.SlateGray);
paragraph.Border = NBorder.CreateFilledBorder(NColor.DarkBlue);
paragraph.BorderThickness = new NMargins(3);

paragraph.PreferredWidth = new NMultiLength(ENMultiLengthUnit.Dip, 500);

 The code above produces the following paragraph image:

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