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Bubble Series

Bubble charts are a convenient way for graphical representation of multi-dimensional data. The data points are displayed as circles (or other shapes) with variable parameters (size, position etc.) that depend on the input data. The following image shows a typical bubble chart:

Creating a Bubble Series

Bubble series are represented by the NBubbleSeries type. An instance of this type must be added to the series collection of a Cartesian chart:

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NBubbleSeries bubble = new NBubbleSeries();


Passing Data

Bubble series accept data points of type NBubbleDataPoint. The following code snippet shows how to add data to a bubble series:

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NBubbleDataPoint bubbleDataPoint = new NBubbleDataPoint();

bubbleDataPoint.X = 10;

bubbleDataPoint.Value = 10;

bubbleDataPoint.Size = 10;

bubbleDataPoint.Fill = new NColorFill(NColor.Red);


Controlling the Bubble Sizes

You can specify the display sizes of the smallest and the largest bubbles through the MinSize and MaxSize properties. The following code shows how to set the min and max bubble sizes of a bubble series:

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bubble.MinSize = 10; // specified in dips

bubble.MaxSize = 50; // specified in dips

Formatting Commands

The bubble series supports the following formatting commands in addition to the standard (per data point) formatting commands:

<size> - displays the bubble size


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