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Appointment Categorization

Appointment categorization is the process of assigning a category and/or a time marker to the Category and TimeMarker property of the appointment respectively. The categories and time markers (also called "tags") you can choose from are defined by the Categories and TimeMarkers collections of the schedule, which owns the appointments and by default are:

Fill Name
Time Markers
Fill Name
Out of Office

The category affects the background fill of the whole appointment, which by default is light sky blue color fill and the time marker affects the fill of the header, which is by default gray color fill. You can easily add additional categories and time markers or remove some of the default ones by modifying the Categories and TimeMarkers collection of the schedule respectively.

Categories are represented by the NCategory class and time markers - by the NTimeMarker class, which both provide constructors with 4 parameters, you can use to create appointment tags by specifying:

The following piece of code demonstrates how to create an appointment, assign a category and a time marker to it and add it to a schedule:

Assign category and time marker
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DateTime today = DateTime.Today;
NAppointment appointment = new NAppointment("Meeting with John", today.AddHours(8), today.AddHours(10));
appointment.Category = NLoc.Get("Orange");
appointment.TimeMarker = NLoc.Get("Busy");

It is best to use NLoc.Get when dealing with appointment tag names, in order to make your application localizable. For more information about localization, check out the Localization Overview topic.

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