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Compression Overview

Nevron Open Vision (NOV) provides support for the most common compression algorithms:

The compression and decompression routines for the various compression algorithms are exposed through the NCompression static class. The source code below demonstrates how to compress and decompress a stream into the zlib format:

Zlib Compression and Decompression
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// Compress the input stream
NCompression.CompressZlib(inputStream, compressedStream, ENCompressionLevel.BestCompression);
// Decompress the compressed stream
NCompression.DecompressZlib(compressedStream, decompressedStream);

As the example above demonstrates, the compression method accepts as a parameter the compression level to apply. This is common for the zlib and the zip compression. The possible values are:

ENCompressionLevel Description
NoCompression This level won't compress at all but output uncompressed blocks.
BestSpeed The worst but fastest compression level.
MediumCompression This level is a compromise between speed and compression ratio.
BestCompression The best and slowest compression level. This tries to find very long and distant string repetitions.
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