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Cryptography Overview

Portable Class Libraries doesn't include any encryption algorithms or APIs, but Nevron Open Vision fixes this problem by implementing the PK ZIP Classic encryption algorithm. This is the algorithm used when creating password protected zip archives. You can use it to encrypt any data via the EncryptPkzipClassic and DecryptPkzipClassic static methods of the NCryptography static class.

The example below demonstrates how to encrypt a string with a password and how to decrypt it using the PK ZIP Classic algorithm:

Encrypt and decrypt text
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string textToEncrypt = "This is some text to encrypt.";
string password = "password";

// Encrypt the text
byte[] encryptedBytes = NCryptography.EncryptPkzipClassic(textToEncrypt, password);

// Decrypt the encrypted bytes
string decryptedText = NCryptography.DecryptPkzipClassic(encryptedBytes, password);


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