Nevron Open Vision Documentation
Framework Overview

Nevron Open Vision (NOV) implements the solid foundations that are needed to develop portable presentation layer components. Inside the Framework folder of this documentation you will find the topics that are related to NOV general development. Many of the features and services documented in this folder are often used by other component libraries based on NOV. Following is a brief overview of the Framework modules:

Data Structures - implementation of commonly used data structures, such as list, stack, queue, map etc. 

Formulas - implementation of a flexible formula engine that is internally used in DOM expressions, but can be used as a standalone library too.

Graphics - implementation of many graphics related algorithms and painting fundamentals.

DOM - implementation of W3C-like Document Object Model with integrated support for Cascade Style Sheets and many other enhancements, such as built-in history, expressions etc.

Serialization - implementation of a flexible serialization engine, that is capable of serializing both DOM and pure .NET objects.

Although some of the features implemented by the NOV framework modules may be present in the specific environment in which you integrate NOV, it is always preferable to use the NOV implementation over the .NET one, because this will guarantee you almost 100% identical results on all integration environments, not just the one that you currently target.

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