Nevron Open Vision Documentation

Indicators pinpoint important values or ranges on the gauge axes. Each gauge can contain an unlimited number of indicators. Adding or removing gauge indicators is done by modifying the contents of the Indicators collection of the gauge.

There are two general classes of indicators – value and range indicators. As the name suggests value indicators are used to pin point a value whereas range indicators show a range of values on a gauge axis.

The following table shows the possible types of indicators that can be contained in a gauge:

Indicator Type Description Applies to
NMarkerValueIndicator Represents a marker shown at a specified value on the gauge axis Linear and Radial gauges
NNeedleValueIndicator Represents a needle connecting the radial gauge center point (pin) and a point specified in axis scale coordinates Radial gauges
NRangeIndicator Represents a range of values on the gauge axis. Linear and Radial gauges
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