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Hosting NOV in your Application
The hosting of NOV in your application is by default performed by NOV project templates. If you are using project templates you can skip this documentation topic.
Hosting NOV in your application 

The first thing to do, if you intend to use Nevron Open Vision (NOV) or NOV based products, is to host NOV in your application. The purpose of the NOV hosting is to connect the NOV integration services with their host specific implementations, as explained in detail by the Hosts and Integration Services topic.

The following topics describe the tasks that need to be performed for each supported integration platform:

Integration Platform Operating System Topic to read
Windows Forms (WinForms) Windows Hosting NOV in Windows Forms
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Windows Hosting NOV in WPF
Silverlight NA Hosting NOV in Silverlight
MonoMac Mac OSX Hosting NOV in Xamarin.Mac
Xamarin.Mac Mac OSX Hosting NOV in Xamarin.Mac

Some heavy NOV controls support direct installation from the Visual Studio Toolbox for Wpf, WinForm and Silverlight projects. For more information check out the Hosting NOV from the Visual Studio Toolbox topic.

The installation for each particular platform is very similar. It performs the follows tasks:

1. Reference the required NOV assemblies and Host specific assemblies.

2. Call the Install method of the host specific application installer with an array that contains the NOV modules (see below).

All installation examples make a simple label that displays a "Hello World from Nevron Open Vision" string that is placed as content of the NNovWidget that is created in each example. The NNovWidget is a native control for each of the integration platforms. Since the content of the NNovWidget, can be any widget, the examples can be easily enhanced to provide more sophisticated user interfaces. See the UI Overview topic for an overview of the User Interface that comes along with NOV.

NOV Modules

NOV modules are represented by classes that derive from the NModule class. NOV modules need to be created at NOV installation time and passed as argument to the respective install method. For example the following code installs NOV with the Nevron Text module:

Installing NOV with Modules
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NModule[] modules = new NModule[]{

Currently available are the following modules:

Name Namespace DLL Module Documentation
NTextModule Nevron.Nov.Text Nevron.Nov.Text.dll Rich Text Editor Overview
NDiagramModule Nevron.Nov.Diagram Nevron.Nov.Diagram.dll Diagram Overview
NChartModule Nevron.Nov.Chart Nevron.Nov.Chart.dll Chart Overview
NScheduleModule Nevron.Nov.Schedule Nevron.Nov.Schedule.dll Schedule Overview
NGridModule Nevron.Nov.Grid Nevron.Nov.Grid.dll Grid Overview
NBarcodeModule Nevron.Nov.Barcode Nevron.Nov.Barcode.dll Barcodes Overview

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