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Tooltips and Cursors

In NOV Chart for .NET all chart elements (axes, series, datapoints etc.) derive from the NChartElement base class, which provides support for Tooltips and Cursors on a per element basis.

Changing the Tooltip

In order to show a tooltip for a specific chart element you need to change its Tooltip property. The following code snippet show how to create a bar series with two data point that have an associated tooltip:

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NBarSeries bar = new NBarSeries();

NBarDataPoint dataPoint1 = new NBarDataPoint(10);
dataPoint1.Tooltip =
new NTooltip("Bar value 10");

NBarDataPoint dataPoint2 = new NBarDataPoint(20);
dataPoint2.Tooltip =
new NTooltip("Bar value 20");


Changing the Mouse Cursor

By default the mouse cursor applied on all chart element is the default mouse cursor. If you wish to change that for a specific chart element you need to assign a new cursor to the Cursor property of the element:

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someChartElement.Cursor = new NCursor(ENPredefinedCursor.Hand);


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