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Label widgets are similar to text box widgets with the exception that they are lighter objects and do not allow for editing and scrolling.

Creating a Label

The label widget is represented by an instance of the NLabel class. The following code snippet shows how to create a label with some text:

Creating a Label
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NLabel label = new NLabel("Some Text");

The label object provides the following properties:

Text - specifies the text displayed by the label.

TextAlignment - specifies how text is aligned relative to the label bounding box. This property accepts values from the ENContentAlignment enum.

TextWrapMode - specifies how text is wrapped. This property accepts values from the ENTextWrapMode enum. The following table lists the available options:

ENTextWrapMode Description
WordWrap Text is wrapped inside the formatting rectangle.
Clip Text outside the formatting rectangle is clipped.
Ellipsis Text that lies outside the formatting rectangle is replaced with ellipsis.


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