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Layouts Overview

Nevron Open Vision (NOV) features strong support for automatic layouts. The NOV layouts are designed to work with different types of objects. This makes it possible to use the same layouts to arrange NOV widgets and NOV diagram shapes for example.

Based on whether the layout arranges only the vertices or both the vertices and edges of a graph, layouts are primary divided in two categories:

Graph layouts are provided as an addtional NOV Layouts enhancement with NOV Diagram. Packed up with the base edition of NOV are all box layouts, which are described in this help book. Box layouts are also internally used by all NOV UI layout  panels (see Panels Overview for more information).

The Layouts - Getting Started topic discusses the common layout features. All examples related to the NOV Layouts assume that you are using the Nevron.Nov.Layout namespace and that you have referenced the Nevron.Nov.Presentation.XXX.dll for the specific runtime that you target.

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