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Legend Layout

When new data is added to the may become too long to display in the control canvas. This is why you may wish to alter the legend layout strategy or in other words the way the legend expands when new items are added. The ExpandMode property of the legend controls this. The following table list the possible strategies:

ENLegendExpandMode Description
RowsOnly The legend expands by rows only. The legend has one column.
ColsOnly The legend expands by columns only. The legend has one row.
RowsFixed Yhe legend has a fixed number of rows and expands in columns.
ColsFixed The legend has a fixed number of columns and expands in rows.

 The following example shows how to change the legend expand mode to a fixed number of rows:

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legend.ExpandMode = ENLegendExpandMode.RowsFixed;

legend.RowCount = 4;

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