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Nevron.Nov.Diagram.Formats Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNDrawingFormat The base of all NOV diagram drawing formats.
ClassNDrawingFormatRegistry A document format registry for drawing formats - such as XML and Binary drawing formats.
ClassNDrawingLoadSettings Settings for loading drawings.
ClassNDrawingSaveSettings Settings for saving drawings.
ClassNDrawingTemplateLoadSettings Settings for loading of a drawing template.
ClassNDrawingTemplateSaveSettings Settings for saving of a drawing template.
ClassNDrawingTemplateSettings Contains settings for a Nevron Drawing template.
ClassNEsriShapefileLoadSettings Settings for loading an ESRI shapefile.
ClassNGedcomDrawingFormat Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM) data format. It is used for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software, for example, for family trees.
ClassNLibraryFormat The base of all library formats.
ClassNLibraryFormatRegistry A document format registry for Library Formats - such as XML and Binary library formats.
ClassNLibraryLoadSettings This class holds the settings that are used when loading documents in different library formats.
ClassNLibrarySaveSettings This class holds the settings that are used when saving documents to different library formats.
ClassNNevronBinaryDrawingFormat Represents the Nevron Binary drawing format.
ClassNNevronBinaryLibraryFormat Represents the Nevron Binary Library format.
ClassNNevronXmlDrawingFormat Represents the Nevron XML drawing format.
ClassNNevronXmlDrawingTemplateFormat Represents the Nevron XML drawing template format.
ClassNNevronXmlLibraryFormat Represents the Nevron XML library format.
ClassNPdfDrawingFormat Represents the Nevron PDF drawing format.
ClassNVisioDrawingFormat Represents the Visio Drawing (VSDX) file format.
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