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NKavrayskiyVIIProjection Class

The Kavrayskiy VII is a map projection invented by V. V. Kavrayskiy in 1939 for use as a general purpose pseudocylindrical projection.
Object Model
NKavrayskiyVIIProjection Class
Public Class NKavrayskiyVIIProjection 
   Inherits NMapProjection
Dim instance As NKavrayskiyVIIProjection
public class NKavrayskiyVIIProjection : NMapProjection 
Like the Robinson projection, it is a compromise intended to produce good quality maps with low distortion overall. It scores well in that respect compared to other popular projections, such as the Winkel Tripel, despite straight, evenly-spaced parallels and a simple formulation. It has been used in the former Soviet Union but is almost unknown in the Western world.
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