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ClassNAitoffProjection The Aitoff projection is a modified azimuthal map projection.
ClassNBonneProjection A Bonne projection is a pseudoconical equal-area map projection.
ClassNCylindricalEqualAreaProjection Represents the general Cylindrical Equal-Area projection.
ClassNDataGrouping Base class for all data grouping algorithms.
ClassNDataGroupingEqualDistribution Also known as quantiles, this method allows for unequally sized data intervals and involves adjustment of the interval limits until an equal number of data points can be slotted into each interval.
ClassNDataGroupingEqualInterval Also known as equal ranges (or steps), this method involves division of the entire data range into equally sized intervals.
ClassNDataGroupingOptimal Uses the Jenks-Caspall optimal data grouping algorithm.
ClassNEckertIVProjection The Eckert IV projection, used for world maps, is a pseudocylindrical and equal-area.
ClassNEckertVIProjection The Eckert VI projection, used for maps of the world, is pseudocylindrical and equal area.
ClassNEquirectangularProjection Basic GIS projection that maps meridians to equally spaced vertical straight lines, and parallels to equally spaced horizontal straight lines.
ClassNEsriMapImporter Imports one or more ESRI shapefiles in a drawing document.
ClassNEsriShapefile Represents an ESRI shapefile containing geographical data.
ClassNGisFeature Base class for all ESRI supported GIS features.
ClassNHammerProjection The Hammer projection is an equal-area map projection, described by Ernst Hammer in 1892.
ClassNKavrayskiyVIIProjection The Kavrayskiy VII is a map projection invented by V. V. Kavrayskiy in 1939 for use as a general purpose pseudocylindrical projection.
ClassNMapArcsSettings Controls the way parallels and meridians are rendered.
ClassNMapDataBindingContext Provides information about map importer data binding.
ClassNMapFillRule Base class for map fill rules.
ClassNMapFillRuleRange A map fill rule that fills the map shapes based on a value associated with each of them.
ClassNMapFillRuleValue A map fill rule that fills the map shapes based on a value associated with each of them.
ClassNMapImporter Base class for maps.
ClassNMapProjection Base class for all map projections. Call the Initialize method to set the size of the map and the canvas to render it in.
ClassNMercatorProjection Implements the Mercator projection.
ClassNMillerCylindricalProjection The Miller cylindrical projection is a modified Mercator projection, proposed by Osborn Maitland Miller (1897-1979) in 1942.
ClassNMollweideProjection The Mollweide projection is a pseudocylindrical map projection generally used for global maps of the world (or sky). Also known as the Babinet projection, homolographic projection, or elliptical projection.
ClassNOrthographicProjection Orthographic projection is a perspective (or azimuthal) projection, in which the sphere is projected onto a tangent plane. It depicts a hemisphere of the globe as it appears from outer space. The shapes and areas are distorted, particularly near the edges, but distances are preserved along parallels.
ClassNProjectedFeature Represents a projected feature.
ClassNRobinsonProjection The Robinson projection is a map projection made in 1988 to show the entire world at once. It was specifically created in an attempt to find the good compromise to the problem of readily showing the whole globe as a flat image.
ClassNShapeCreatedListener Empty implementation of the INShapeCreatedListener interface.
ClassNStereographicProjection The stereographic projection is a particular mapping (function) that projects a sphere onto a plane.
ClassNVanDerGrintenProjection The van der Grinten projection is neither equal-area nor conformal. It projects the entire Earth into a circle, though the polar regions are subject to extreme distortion.
ClassNWagnerVIProjection Wagner VI is a pseudocylindrical whole Earth map projection. Like the Robinson projection, it is a compromise projection, not having any special attributes other than a pleasing, low distortion appearance.
ClassNWinkelTripelProjection The Winkel Tripel projection (Winkel III) is a modified azimuthal map projection proposed by Oswald Winkel in 1921. The projection is the arithmetic mean of the equirectangular projection and the Aitoff projection.
InterfaceINShapeCreatedListener Interface, which contains methods called by the shape importer when a new shape has been created.
StructureNMapBounds Contains information about the bounds of a map.
EnumerationENArcLabelPlacement Enumerates the possible arc label placements.
EnumerationENArcRenderMode Enumerates the arc render modes.
EnumerationENCylindricalEqualAreaProjectionType Defines the avilable Cylindrical Equal-Area projections.
EnumerationENMapCoordinateSystemType Enumerates the coordinate system types.
EnumerationENMapDataBindingSourceType Enumerates the map data binding source types.
EnumerationENShapefileRecordType Indicates the type of shapes described by a single ESRI shapefile record.
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