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NClassicalTreeLayout Class

Represents a directed tree layout, which serves as base class for all classical tree layouts.
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NClassicalTreeLayout Class
In a classical tree layout, the vertex children are always arranged in a row below their parent, in the respective layout direction.

Although in different types of classical tree layouts the depth arrangement of the tree vertices can be different, they all share a VertexSpacing property, which controls the minimal distance between vertices in the breadth layout dimension.

You can specify whether the drawing must be compact in the breadth dimension via the CompactBreadth property. When this property is set to true the layout will analyze each subtree outline and place siblings subtrees with minimal breadth spacing. When this property is set to false the layout will only analyze the subtree bounding box, which increases the layout speed, but also increases the tree drawing area.

Classical tree layouts admit both orthogonal and straight line tree drawings. If the OrthogonalEdgeRouting property is set to true, the edges will be routed in a bus-like fashion. The bus itself can be aligned relatively to the gap, in which it resides with the help of the BusAlignment property.

Classical tree layouts use an uniform parent placement, which is applicable for all parent vertices. The parameters of the parent placement strategy are controlled by an instance of the NParentPlacement class, accessible from the ParentPlacement property.

The PortStyle property specifies the predefined configuration of ports, to which the layout must attempt to glue the edges end-points.

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