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NDesiredDistanceForce Class

The NDesiredDistanceForce is a force, which couples an attraction force (edge force), and a repulsion force (vertex force). The two forces balance each other when the distance between connected vertices is equal to the specified desired distance.
Object Model
NDesiredDistanceForce Class
The attraction force magnitute is computed by the following formula:

AttractionCoefficient * Math.Pow(distance, 2) / Math.Pow(DesiredDistance, 2)

The repulsion force magnitute is computed by the following formula:

RepulsionCoefficient * Math.Pow(DesiredDistance, 2) / Math.Pow(distance, 2)

Provided that the RepulsionCoefficient and AttractionCoefficient are equal, the two forces balance each other at DesiredDistance.

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