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NConnectorShapeFactory Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NConnectorShapeFactory.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNConnectorShapeFactory ConstructorDefault constructor.  
Public Methods
Public MethodCreateShapeOverloaded. Overridden. Creates the shape at the specified index.  
Public MethodCreateSideToSideCreates a side to side connector (HVH) that is intended to connect the sides of shapes. If offset is 0, the connector V segment is positioned in the middle, otherwise it is offset on right (if offset is positive) or offset to the left (if offset is negative).  
Public MethodGetLargeImageOverridden. Gets the large image that represents this factory in the library browser.  
Public MethodGetSmallImageOverridden. Gets the small image that represents this factory in the library browser.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCreateShapeInfoOverridden. Overriden to create the shape info for the basic shape at the specified index  
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