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Nevron.Nov.Diagram.Shapes Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNAnnotationShapeFactory The NAnnotationShapeFactory class is used to produce annotation shapes.
ClassNArrowShapeFactory The NArrowShapeFactory class is used to produce arrow shapes.
ClassNBasicShapeFactory The NBasicShapeFactory class is used to produce basic shapes.
ClassNBrainstormingShapeFactory The NBrainstormingShapesFactory class is used to produce brainstorming shapes.
ClassNBusinessProcessShapeFactory Creates business process shapes.
ClassNCalloutShapeFactory The NCalloutShapesFactory class is used to produce callout shapes.
ClassNConnectorShapeFactory Creates connector shapes.
ClassNCountryShapeFactory Creates country shapes.
ClassNElectricalSymbolShapeFactory Creates electrical symbol shapes.
ClassNEpcShapeFactory Creates EPC shapes.
ClassNFamilyTreeShapeFactory Creates shapes for family tree diagrams.
ClassNFileAndFolderShapeFactory Creates file and folder shapes.
ClassNFlagShapeFactory Creates flag shapes.
ClassNFloorPlanShapeFactory The NFloorPlanShapesFactory class is used to produce floor plan shapes.
ClassNFlowchartingShapeFactory The NFlowchartingShapesFactory class is used to produce flowcharting shapes
ClassNFoodShapeFactory The NFoodShapesFactory class is used to produce food shapes.
ClassNGenericNGon The NGenericNGon class is used to generate the vertices of a generic N-gon shape.
ClassNGenericNGram The NGenericNGram class is used to generate the vertices of a generic N-gram shape.
ClassNGenogramShapeFactory Creates shapes for genogram diagrams.
ClassNNetworkShapeFactory The NNetworkShapeFactory class is used to produce network shapes.
ClassNPredefinedShapeFactory<TEnum> Represents a predefined shape factory.
ClassNSdlShapeFactory Creates SDL shapes.
ClassNShapeFactory Servers as base class for all predefined shape factories. A shape factory is used to create shapes from a specific application domain (i.e. basis shapes, flowcharting shapes, floorplan shapes etc.) A shape factory can also be used to create a library.
ClassNShapeInfo The NShapeInfo class is used to encapsulate the additional information about a shape, which can be created by a shape factory.
ClassNSymbolShapeFactory The NSymbolShapesFactory class is used to produce symbol shapes.
ClassNTrafficSignShapeFactory The NTrafficSignShapeFactory class is used to produce traffic sign shapes
ClassNWeatherShapeFactory The NWeatherShapeFactory class is used to produce weather shapes.
EnumerationENArrowShape Enumerates the predefined arrow shapes
EnumerationENBasicShape Enumerates the predefined basic shapes
EnumerationENBrainstormingShape Enumerates the predefined Brainstorming Shapes
EnumerationENBusinessProcessShape Enumerates the predefined Business Process shapes
EnumerationENCalloutShape Enumerates the Callout Shapes.
EnumerationENConnectorShape Connector shapes
EnumerationENCountryShape Enumerates the country shapes.
EnumerationENElectricalSymbolsShape Enumerates the predefined electrical symbols shapes
EnumerationENEpcShape Enumerates the EPC shapes.
EnumerationENFamilyTreeShape Enumerates the family tree shapes.
EnumerationENFileAndFolderShape Enumerates the predefined Files and Folders shapes
EnumerationENFlagShape Enumerates the predefined floor plan shapes
EnumerationENFloorPlanShape Enumerates the predefined floor plan shapes
EnumerationENFlowchartingShape Enumerates the predefined flowcharting shapes.
EnumerationENFoodShape Enumerates the predefined weather shapes
EnumerationENGenogramShape Enumerates the genogram shapes.
EnumerationENNetworkShape Enumerates the predefined network shapes
EnumerationENPredefinedShapeFactoryType Enumerates the predefined shape factories.
EnumerationENSymbolShape Enumerates the predefined symbol shapes
EnumerationENTrafficSignShape Enumerates the predefined traffic signs shapes
EnumerationENWeatherShape Enumerates the predefined weather shapes
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