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NCLRDataTableDataTableAdapter Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NCLRDataTableDataTableAdapter.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCanAddFieldOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the AddField operation  
Public PropertyCanAddRowOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the AddRow operation  
Public PropertyCanInsertFieldOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the InsertField operation  
Public PropertyCanInsertRowOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the InsertRow operation  
Public PropertyCanRemoveFieldOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the RemoveField operation  
Public PropertyCanRemoveRowOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the RemoveRow operation  
Public PropertyCanRenameFieldOverridden. Determines whether the data table supports the SetFieldName operation  
Public PropertyFieldCountOverridden. Gets the count of fields in the data table  
Public PropertyRowCountOverridden. Gets the count of rows in the data table  
Public Methods
Public MethodGetFieldIndexOverridden.   
Public MethodGetFieldInfoOverloaded. Overridden.   
Public MethodGetValueOverloaded. Overridden. Gets the value for a given [row:field]  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodAddFieldCoreOverridden.   
Protected MethodAddRowCoreOverloaded. Overridden.   
Protected MethodInsertFieldCoreOverridden.   
Protected MethodInsertRowCoreOverloaded. Overridden.   
Protected MethodRemoveAllRowsCoreOverridden.   
Protected MethodRemoveFieldCoreOverridden.   
Protected MethodRemoveRowCoreOverridden.   
Protected MethodRenameFieldCoreOverridden.   
Protected MethodSetValueCoreOverridden.   
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