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Nevron.Nov.Compression Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNCompression Provides various compression and decompression routines.
ClassNDirectoryZipCompressor Compresses the files in a given directory and optionally in its subdirectories.
ClassNNodesZipCompressor Compresses one or more NOV DOM nodes to a ZIP archive.
ClassNNodesZipDecompressor Decompresses the nodes from a ZIP archive.
ClassNZipItem Contains information about a ZIP item.
InterfaceINZipCompressor Interface used in zip compression.
InterfaceINZipDecompressor Interface used in zip decompression.
EnumerationENCompressionLevel Enumerates the most commonly used gzip compression levels.
EnumerationENZip64Mode Determines how entries are tested to see if they should use Zip64 extensions or not.
EnumerationENZipCompressionMethod Enumerates the compression methods for ZIP items.
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