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    Nevron.Nov.Data.DBModel Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassBase class for columns.
    ClassBase class for database builders.
    ClassBase class for all database objects.
    ClassDatabase server.
    ClassForeign key constraint.
    ClassA list with events.
    ClassBase class for primary key constraints.
    ClassRepresents the SQL Server Check constraint.
    ClassSQL Server column.
    ClassRepresents a Sql Server database.
    ClassSQL Server table builder.
    ClassRepresents the Sql Server Default constraint.
    ClassSQL server index.
    ClassRepresents a Sql Server Primary key constraint.
    ClassSQL Server table.
    ClassSQL Server table builder.
    ClassSQL Server unique constraint.
    ClassSQL server view.
    ClassAn abstract class that represents a database table.
    ClassTable builder.
    ClassBase class for all constraint types.
    ClassA database view.
    ClassBase class for DB views.
    StructureForeign key reference.
    EnumerationEnumerates the index types.
    EnumerationEnumerates the table constraint types.
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