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NDynamicArray<T> Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NDynamicArray<T>.

Public Properties
Public PropertyCapacityGets or sets the amount of items that this dynamic can hold, without resizing the Items array.  
Public PropertyCountGets the count of items in this set.  
Public PropertyItemGets or sets the item at the specified index.  
Public PropertyItemsGets the internal items backing array.  
Public Methods
Public MethodClearClears this array, by resetting it's count to zero and settings the Items array values to their defaults (depending on type)  
Public MethodContainsReturns true if this list contains the specified item.  
Public MethodCopyToCopies all items of this set to the specified array, starting from the specified array index.  
Public MethodEnsureCapacityEnsures that this dynamic array has the capacity to handle the specified amount of items.  
Public MethodGetIteratorGets an iterator that iterates throw the items in forward order.  
Public MethodGetReverseIteratorGets an iterator that iterates throw the items in reverse order.  
Public MethodIndexOfOverloaded. Gets the index at which an item appears for the first time. Returns -1 if the item does not appear in this list.  
Public MethodLastIndexOfOverloaded. Gets the last index of the specified item  
Public MethodToArrayCreates an array and populates it with the items of this dynamic array.  
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