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NDocumentFormatRegistry<TDocumentFormat> Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NDocumentFormatRegistry<TDocumentFormat>.

Protected Properties
Protected PropertyFallbackFormatExtensionGets the fallback format extension of document format registry.  
Public Methods
Public MethodFilterDocumentFormatReturns true if the document format can be processed.  
Public MethodGetAllFileTypesGets the file types of all supported formats.  
Public MethodGetByNameReturns the document format with the given name or null if no such document format is registered.  
Public MethodGetFileTypesGets the file types of all supported formats.  
Public MethodGetFromExtensionAndHeaderOverloaded. Gets a document format from the specified extension and header.  
Public MethodGetFromFileNameOverloaded. Gets the document format from the specified file name. If the file format couldn't be recognized from the given file name, the default file format of the document registry is returned.  
Public MethodGetFromMimeType  
Public MethodGetFromStreamGets the document format from the specified stream.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodGetDocumentTypeNameGets the document type name.  
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