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The following tables list the members exposed by NCategoryEditor.

Public Fields
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)ChildEditorsComparerPropertyReference to the child editors comparer property  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)NCategoryEditorSchemaSchema associated with NCategoryEditor  
Public Properties
Public PropertyChildEditorsComparerGets or sets the child editors comparer, which defines the order of the property and/or subcategory editors inside this category editor.  
Public PropertyEditedCategoryGets the edited property category  
Public Methods
Public MethodCompare  
Public MethodInitializeInitializes the property category editor.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCreateChildEditorsCreates a list of the child editors, which must be embedded in this category editor  
Protected MethodCreateChildEditorsContainerMust override to create the widget, that contains the specified child editors  
Protected MethodCreateControlOverridden. Overriden to create the editors container.  
Protected MethodGetDefaultDisplayOrderOverridden. Overriden to return the designer defined display order for the edited category.  
Protected MethodGetDefaultTitleOverridden. Gets the default editor title  
Protected MethodOnEditedNodeChangedOverridden. Called when when any aspect of the edited node has changed.  
Protected MethodOnInitializedOverridden. Called when the editor has been initialized  
Protected MethodUpdateFromEditedNodeOverridden. Updates the editor from the edited node.  
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