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The following tables list the members exposed by NEditorWindow.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNEditorWindow ConstructorDefault constructor  
Public Fields
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)NEditorWindowSchemaSchema associated with NEditorWindow  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)PreviewDockAreaPropertyReference to the PreviewDockArea property.  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)PreviewHorizontalPlacementPropertyReference to the PreviewHorizontalPlacement property.  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)PreviewSizePropertyReference to the PreviewSize property.  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)PreviewVerticalPlacementPropertyReference to the PreviewVerticalPlacement property.  
Protected Fields
Protected Fieldm_PreviewWidgetThe preview widget of this editor window.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyButtonsGets or sets the buttons with witch the window must be shown.  
Public PropertyButtonStripGets the button strip.  
Public PropertyEditorGets or sets the hosted editor.  
Public PropertyPreviewDockAreaGets or sets the dock area of the preview.  
Public PropertyPreviewHorizontalPlacementGets or sets the horizontal placement of the preview.  
Public PropertyPreviewHostGets the preview host.  
Public PropertyPreviewSizeGets or sets the value of the PreviewSize property.  
Public PropertyPreviewVerticalPlacementGets or sets the vertical placement of the preview.  
Public PropertyPreviewWidgetGets the preview widget.  
Public Methods
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)CreateForInstance<T>Creates an editor window for the given node instance.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)CreateForType<T>Creates an editor window for the type of the given node. If the type has derived types, the user will be able to select a derived type and edit an instance of this type.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodAttachToEditorAttaches the window to the editor  
Protected MethodCreateButtonsStripCreates and initializes the button strip.  
Protected MethodCreatePreviewGroupBoxCreates and initializes the preview group box.  
Protected MethodCreatePreviewHostCreates a preview widget host.  
Protected MethodDetachFromEditorDetaches the window from the editor  
Protected MethodHostPreviewWidgetHosts the given preview widget in the preview widget host.  
Protected MethodOnClosedOverridden. Called when the window has been closed.  
Protected MethodOnEditorUpdatePreviewHandles the editor update preview event.  
Protected MethodOnKeyDownOverridden. Overriden to close the window when the user presses "Escape" from the keyboard.  
Protected MethodOnOpenedOverridden. Called when the window is opened  
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