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Nevron.Nov.Formulas Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNEvaluationException The NEvaluationException exception is thrown when the expression is evaluated. It indicates a grammitical error or runtime evaluation error.
ClassNFormulaEngine The NFormulaEngine class is used for the runtime parsing and evaluation of formulas.
ClassNGrammaticalException The NGrammaticalException exception is thrown when the engine builds the expression tree. It indicates a grammitical error.
ClassNLexicalException The NLexicalException exception is thrown when an expression is broken into tokens. It indicates a lexical (spelling) error.
ClassNVariableMap Represents an implementation of the INVariableProvider
InterfaceINObjectFromVariantFactory Implemented by objects which can create a value from a variant
InterfaceINVariableProvider Implemented by objects, which can provide the formula engine with variables
InterfaceINVariantFromValueFactory Implemented by objects which can create a variant from a value
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