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NByteReader Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NByteReader.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNByteReader ConstructorCreates a new byte reader for the specified byte array.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyEndReachedChecks if the byte reader has reached the end of the bytes to read.  
Public PropertyLengthGets the length of the byte array this reader operates on.  
Public PropertyPositionGets or sets the current reader position in the byte array.  
Public Methods
Public MethodDecDecreases the current position by 1.  
Public MethodIncOverloaded. Increases the current position by 1.  
Public MethodPeekByteReturns the byte at the current position without moving the reading pointer.  
Public MethodReadByteReads a byte and increments the current position.  
Public MethodReadBytesOverloaded. Reads the specified number of bytes.  
Public MethodReadDoubleBEReads a double (big endian).  
Public MethodReadDoubleLEReads a double (little endian).  
Public MethodReadInt16BEReads a short (big endian).  
Public MethodReadInt16LEReads a short (little endian).  
Public MethodReadInt32BEReads an int (big endian).  
Public MethodReadInt32LEReads an int (little endian).  
Public MethodReadInt64BEReads a long (big endian).  
Public MethodReadInt64LEReads a long (little endian).  
Public MethodReadIntArrayRead as much bytes as necessary to fill the specified array of integers.  
Public MethodReadSingleBEReads a single (big endian).  
Public MethodReadSingleLEReads a single (little endian).  
Public MethodReadToEndReads all the bytes to the end of the byte array.  
Public MethodReadUInt16BEReads an unsigned short (big endian).  
Public MethodReadUInt16LEReads an unsigned short (little endian).  
Public MethodReadUInt32BEReads an unsigned int (big endian).  
Public MethodReadUInt32LEReads an unsigned int (little endian).  
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