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Nevron.Nov.Networking Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNHttpHeaderField Represents an HTTP header field, that is pair of a name and a value.
ClassNHttpHeaderFields Represents the Http Request/Response Header Fields, which is a mapping of a header field name to a header field value.
ClassNHttpRequest Represents an Http web request.
ClassNHttpResponse Represents an Http web response.
ClassNHttpSettings Static class that defines global settings that relate to HTTP request and responses etc.
ClassNLocalFileRequest Represents a request for a file on the local machine or network.
ClassNUriRequest An abstract base class that represents an asynchronous request for a resource. The requested resource is identified by an Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
ClassNUriResponse Represents the response for an URI request.
ClassNWebRequest Represents an asynchronous web request.
ClassNWebResponse Represents the result of a web request.
StructureNHttpHeaderFieldName Represents the name of a web header field.
StructureNMimeType Represents a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type.
EnumerationENAsyncRequestStatus Enumerates the possible states of an asynchronous request.
EnumerationENAsyncResponseStatus Enumerates the possible states for the response of an asynchronous request.
EnumerationENHttpRequestMethod Enumerates the supported Http request methods.
EnumerationENMimeContentType Enumerates the possible MIME Content Types.
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