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Nevron.Nov.Office Namespace (Nevron.Nov.Presentation)
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNApplicationOptions Base class for the options of Nevron Office applications.
ClassNApplicationOptions.NApplicationOptionsDesigner Designer for NApplicationOptions.
ClassNDocumentSettingsWorkspaceItem Represents a workspace item that loads/saves the document settings.
ClassNEmailSendSettings Contains settings for sending of e-mail messages.
ClassNFormStateWorkspaceItem Represents a workspace item, which loads/saves the form state.
ClassNRecentDocumentsWorkspaceItem Recent documents workspace item.
ClassNToolbarsStateWorkspaceItem Represents a workspace item which loads a toolbar state.
ClassNWindowState Base class for window states.
ClassNWorkspaceItem Base class for workspace items.
EnumerationENUITheme Enumerates the predefined UI themes of Nevron Office applications.
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