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NBinaryStreamWriter Class Members

The following tables list the members exposed by NBinaryStreamWriter.

Public Methods
Public MethodFlushFlushes the cached content to the underlying stream  
Public MethodWriteBooleanWrites the given boolean value.  
Public MethodWriteBooleanArrayWrites the given boolean array.  
Public MethodWriteByteWrites the given byte value.  
Public MethodWriteByteArrayWrites the given byte array.  
Public MethodWriteCharWrites the given char value.  
Public MethodWriteCharArrayWrites the given char array.  
Public MethodWriteDateTimeWrites the given DateTime value.  
Public MethodWriteDateTimeArrayWrites the given DateTime array.  
Public MethodWriteDecimal  
Public MethodWriteDecimalArrayWrites the given double precision floating point array.  
Public MethodWriteDoubleWrites the given double precision floating point value.  
Public MethodWriteDoubleArrayWrites the given double precision floating point array.  
Public MethodWriteInt16Writes the given 16-bit integer value.  
Public MethodWriteInt16ArrayWrites the given 16-bit integer array.  
Public MethodWriteInt32Writes the given 32-bit integer value.  
Public MethodWriteInt32ArrayWrites the given 32-bit integer array.  
Public MethodWriteInt64Writes the given 64-bit integer value.  
Public MethodWriteInt64ArrayWrites the given 64-bit integer array.  
Public MethodWriteReferenceWrites a reference.  
Public MethodWriteSByteWrites the given signed byte value.  
Public MethodWriteSByteArrayWrites the given signed byte array.  
Public MethodWriteSingleWrites the given single precision floating point value.  
Public MethodWriteSingleArrayWrites the given single precision floating point array.  
Public MethodWriteStringWrites the given string value.  
Public MethodWriteStringArrayWrites the given string array.  
Public MethodWriteStringNoCountWrites the given string value, without prepending its count  
Public MethodWriteTimeSpanWrites the given TimeSpan value.  
Public MethodWriteTimeSpanArrayWrites the given TimeSpan array.  
Public MethodWriteUInt16Writes the given 16-bit unsigned integer value.  
Public MethodWriteUInt16ArrayWrites the given unsigned 16-bit integer array.  
Public MethodWriteUInt32Writes the given 32-bit unsigned integer value.  
Public MethodWriteUInt32ArrayWrites the given unsigned 32-bit integer array.  
Public MethodWriteUInt64Writes the given 64-bit unsigned integer value.  
Public MethodWriteUInt64ArrayWrites the given unsigned 64-bit integer array.  
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