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Nevron.Nov.Serialization Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNArrayAdapter An array adapter
ClassNCollectionAdapter Represents a generic collection instance adapter
ClassNContext The base for the serialization and deserialization visitor contexts
ClassNDeserializationContext Represents a deserialization context.
ClassNDeserializationTypeConverter Converts a type from the source type to the target type
ClassNDeserializer Represents a deserializer object that can create objects from their persisted state
ClassNDomDeserializationContext Represents the context of serialization and deserialization
ClassNDomNodeDeserializer Implements DOM node serialization
ClassNDomNodeSerializer Implements DOM node serialization
ClassNFieldAdapter Adapts a meta object model field to instance field
ClassNIListCollectionAdapter Represents a default adapter for collections implementing the IList interface
ClassNMetaArray Represents a collection in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaAssembly Represents an assembly in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaClass Represents a meta object model class.
ClassNMetaCollection Represents a collection in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaDataType The base of all data types in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaDocument Represents a meta object model document
ClassNMetaElement The base of all meta object model elements
ClassNMetaElementCollection Represents a collection of system primitive types.
ClassNMetaEnum Represents the enumeration type in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaEnumtemList Represents a list of enumeration item objects
ClassNMetaField Represents an abstract meta object model field
ClassNMetaGeneric Represents the generic data type, that can optionally inherit from anohter (either generic or concrete type). The child elements of the generic type are called parameters.
ClassNMetaNamedElement The base of all named elements in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaNamespace Represents a namespace in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaPrimitiveType The base of all primitive types in the meta object model.
ClassNMetaReferenceTarget Represents an abstract reference target.
ClassNMetaRoot Represents the root of the meta object model
ClassNMetaStructure Represents the structure data type
ClassNMetaSystemPrimitiveType The base of all system primitive types.
ClassNMetaType The base of all generalizable elements (equavalent to abstract Type).
ClassNModelTransform Transforms a model element.
ClassNNonSerializedAttribute Used to mark fields as binary non serialized
ClassNPropertyBag Represents a propery bag serialization helper. Can be used in conjunction with custom serialization to reduce stored object space and provide backward compatibility
ClassNReflectionFieldInstanceAdapter Implements a generic instance field adapter
ClassNSerializationContext Represents a serialization context
ClassNSerializationSettings Controls various aspects of the serialization process
ClassNSerializer Represents a serializer object that can perist objects in stream or file with a specified persistency format
ClassNSerializerBase Base class for serializer / deserializer
ClassNTypeActivator A generic type activator
ClassNTypeActivatorFactory Summary description for NTypeActivatorBuilder.
ClassNTypeAdapterFactory Generic implmenetation of the type adapter factory interface
ClassNTypeNameTransform Represents a name transform applied to a document
ClassNTypeResolver Resolves a type name to actual type.
InterfaceINCustomSerializable Interface for custom serializable objects.
InterfaceINDomCustomSerializable Implemented by objects which can serialize / deserialize from a property bag
InterfaceINDomSurrogateSerializable Implemented by objects which can serialize / deserialize from a surrogate object.
InterfaceINDomSurrogateSerializer Implemented by DOM surrogate serializers.
InterfaceINSurrogateSerializable Implemented by objects that use surrogate serialization
InterfaceINSurrogateSerializer Implemented by surrogate serializers.
StructureNMetaEnumItem Represents an item in a enumeration type
EnumerationENPersistencyFormat Enumerates the persistency formats
EnumerationENSystemPrimitiveType Enumerates the system primitive types.
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