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ENBorderBrickType Enumeration

Enumerates the possible border wall brick types
Public Enum ENBorderBrickType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ENBorderBrickType
public enum ENBorderBrickType : System.Enum 
BottomJoinCornerMaskMask for bottom join corners.
BottomLeftCornerA corner which joins bottom and left sides sequence
BottomRightCornerA corner which joins bottom and right sides sequence
BottomSideA bottom side - oriented right-to-left - outer outline on bottom
CornerMaskMask for corners.
HSideMaskMask for horizontal sides (top and bottom)
LeftBottomCornerA corner which joins left and bottom sides sequence
LeftJoinCornerMaskMask for left join corners.
LeftSideA left side - oriented upwards - outer outline on left
LeftTopCornerA corner which joins left and top sides sequence
RightBottomCornerA corner which joins right and bottom sides sequence
RightJoinCornerMaskMask for right join corners.
RightSideA right side - oriented downwards - outer outline on right
RightTopCornerA corner which joins right and top sides sequence
RightTurnCornerMaskMask for right turn corners.
SideMaskMask for sides
TopJoinCornerMaskMask for top join corners.
TopLeftCornerA corner which joins top and left sides sequence
TopRightCornerA corner which joins top and right sides sequence
TopSideA top side - oriented left-to-right - outer outline on top
VSideMaskMask for vertical sides (left and right)
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