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ENQueryDragActionReason Enumeration

Enumerates the reasons for which a drag and drop operation may call the drag and drop source QueryDragAction method.
Public Enum ENQueryDragActionReason 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ENQueryDragActionReason
public enum ENQueryDragActionReason : System.Enum 
EscapePressedThe escape key was pressed.
LeftMouseButtonDownThe left mouse button was pressed
LeftMouseButtonUpThe left mouse button was released
MiddleMouseButtonDownThe middle mouse button was pressed
MiddleMouseButtonUpThe middle mouse button was released
ModifiersChangedThe state of the modifiers keys has changed (e.g. CONTROL, SHIFT or ALT was pressed or released).
MouseMoveThe mouse has moved
RightMouseButtonDownThe right mouse button was pressed
RightMouseButtonUpThe right mouse button was released
X1MouseButtonDownThe X1 mouse button was pressed
X1MouseButtonUpThe X1 mouse button was released
X2MouseButtonDownThe X2 mouse button was pressed
X2MouseButtonUpThe X2 mouse button was released
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