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NButtonBaseCommandSource Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NButtonBaseCommandSource.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNButtonBaseCommandSource ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Fields
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)CommandParameterPropertyReference to the CommandParameter property  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)NButtonBaseCommandSourceSchemaSchema associated with NButtonBaseCommandSource  
Public Properties
Public PropertyCommandNameGets or sets the full name of the command (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Public PropertyCommandParameterGet or sets the command paramter that is associated with this source.  
Public PropertyShowTooltipGets or sets whether the command source automatically shows a tooltip, when the mouse enters the owner element. The content of the tooltip is obtained dynamically by the UpdateCommandSource event. By default set to true. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Public PropertyUpdateIntervalGets or sets the update interval (in milliseconds), at which to update the visual state of the command source element. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Public PropertyUpdateWhenVisibleGets or sets whether the commands source should be updated only when the owner element is visible, in case it is a visual. By default set to true. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Public Methods
Public MethodCreateDefaultTooltipContentCreates the default tooltip content for the current command. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Public MethodGetCommandGets the command associated with that command source (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodAttachToSourceOverridden. Attaches the command source to the specified element  
Protected MethodDetachFromSourceOverridden. Detaches the command source to the specified element  
Protected MethodExecuteCommandExecutes this source command with the specified parameter. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodGetUpdateMaskOverridden. Gets the mask that defines the aspects of the owner element that need to be updated at update timer ticks and after command execution.  
Protected MethodOnButtonClickCalled when the owner button has been clicked. Calls the ExecuteCommand method with the command parameter associated with this command action, which is by default NCommandAction.EmptyParamter.  
Protected MethodOnCommandNameChangedCalled when the CommandName has changed (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodOnOwnerElementMouseOverChangedCalled when the mouse over changed for the specified owner element. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodOnParentChangedCalled when the node parent has changed. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodOnUpdateIntervalChangedCalled when the UpdateInterval has changed (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodOnUpdateWhenVisibleChangedCalled when the UpdateWhenVisible has changed (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodOnVisualSourceHiddenCalled when the visual to which this source is attached is hidden (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodOnVisualSourceShownCalled when the visual to which this source is attached is shown in the window. Performs a fast update. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodRaiseQueryCommandTargetRaises the NCommand.QueryTarget event and returns the resulting command target (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodRaiseUpdateCommandSourceRaises the update command source event (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodUpdateCommandSourceUpdates the command source owner element, by raising the NCommand.UpdateCommandSource event for the specified target. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodUpdateOwnerElementUpdates the owner element (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
Protected MethodUpdateOwnerElementCoreUpdates the owner element from the result of the NCommand.UpdateCommandSource event. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NCommandSource)
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