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The following tables list the members exposed by NColorSkinState.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorNColorSkinState ConstructorOverloaded.   
Public Properties
Public PropertyBackgroundFillGets/Sets the background fill (i.e. the center fill).  
Public PropertyBorderBottomFillGets/Sets the fill of the bottom border side.  
Public PropertyBorderLeftFillGets/Sets the fill of the left border side.  
Public PropertyBorderRightFillGets/Sets the fill of the right border side.  
Public PropertyBorderThicknessGets or sets the border thickness. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public PropertyBorderTopFillGets/Sets the fill of the top border side.  
Public PropertyInnerCornerRadiusGets or sets the inner corner radius of the border.  
Public PropertyMarginsGets or sets the state margins. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public PropertyOuterCornerRadiusGets or sets the outer corner raidus of the border.  
Public PropertyOwnerSkinGets the skin that owns this state. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public PropertyPaddingGets or sets the state padding. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public PropertyRoundedCornersGets/Sets the corners to which to set the inner and outer corner radius. If this value is not set, the value of the same property of the owner color skin is used. It is set by default to all corners.  
Public PropertySymbolGets or sets the symbol to apply when using this state for symbol skinning.  
Public PropertyTextColorGets or sets the text color. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public Methods
Public MethodCreatePartFillOverridden. Creates the filling for the specified part of this state.  
Public MethodCreateStateFillOverridden. Creates the fill for this skin state.  
Public MethodCreateTextFillCreates the text fill. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public MethodDeepCloneCreates an identical copy of this object. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public MethodSetBorderFillSets Nevron.Nov.Graphics.NFill for all borders.  
Public MethodSkinBoxStateSets a border and a background to the given style. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
Public MethodSkinSymbolStateOverridden. Sets a symbol to the specified symbol property.  
Protected Methods
Protected MethodCreateBorderOverridden. Creates a border from the styling information of this state.  
Protected MethodCreateInstanceOverridden. Creates a new color skin instance.  
Protected MethodDeepCopyCoreOverridden. Copies the data from the given UI part skin state.  
Protected MethodDetermineBorderThicknessDetermines the thickness of the border defined by this state stylling. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.UI.NUIPartSkinState)
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