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ClassNAdjustmentRule Provides information about a time zone adjustment, such as the transition to and from daylight saving time.
ClassNApplication Represents the entry point of integration, between a specific presentation layer and NOV. Prior to using NOV, you need to manually install the touchbase that the application has for this specific presentation layer, by calling the Install() method a presentation layer specific application installer.
ClassNCenturyDateTimeUnit Represents the century day date time unit (100 years).
ClassNCharHelpers Static class for commonly used char functions.
ClassNCompare Contains helpers for making comparisions.
ClassNConvert Converts data from one type to another.
ClassNDataUri Represents a data URI, which is usually used to embed a resource in a text based document (HTML, XML, etc.).
ClassNDateTimeHelpers Contains helper methods for working with date time values.
ClassNDateTimeUnit Represents a date/time unit
ClassNDateTimeUnitSerializer Serializes date / time units
ClassNDayDateTimeUnit Represents the day date time unit.
ClassNDebug A helper class for debugging Nevron Open Vision.
ClassNDecadeDateTimeUnit Represents the decade day date time unit (10 years).
ClassNEmbeddedResource Represents an embedded resource.
ClassNEmbeddedResourceContainer Represents a container for embedded resources. Serves as base class for all automatically generated embedded resources.
ClassNEnum Provides enum helper methods.
ClassNHalfDayDateTimeUnit Represents the half day date time unit.
ClassNHalfYearDateTimeUnit Represents the half year date time unit.
ClassNHourDateTimeUnit Represents the hour date time unit.
ClassNLicense Represents a license to use Nevron components.
ClassNLicenseManager Manages Nevron License keys.
ClassNLoc Provides string translations using the localization dictionary.
ClassNLog Represents a generic log implementation
ClassNMachineInfoService Represents a service that provides the machine information
ClassNMath Static class for commonly used mathematical routines.
ClassNMillisecondDateTimeUnit Represents the millisecond date time unit.
ClassNMinuteDateTimeUnit Represents the minute date time unit.
ClassNModule Serves as base class for all modules. A NOV module is usually associated with an assembly based on NOV, that wants to integrate with core NOV features and services.
ClassNMonthDateTimeUnit Represents the month date time unit.
ClassNPresentationLoadAssemblyType Dummy type used to explicitly load the Nevron.Nov.Presentation assembly
ClassNQuarterDateTimeUnit Represents the quarter date time unit (3 months).
ClassNReflectionService Contains properties and methods for performing reflection related tasks.
ClassNSecondDateTimeUnit Represents the second date time unit.
ClassNStopwatch This class is an analogue to System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch. Is is needed because there isn't a Stopwatch class in Silverlight.
ClassNStringHelpers Static class for commonly used string functions.
ClassNStringParser Base class for all string parsers.
ClassNSystem Static class for commonly used functions, related to the CLR.
ClassNTickDateTimeUnit Represents the tick date time unit.
ClassNTimer Represents a timer, which raises tick events at user specified amounts of time
ClassNTimeSpanHelpers Contains helper methods for working with time span values.
ClassNTimeZone Represents a time zone.
ClassNTrace A helper class for tracing Nevron Open Vision.
ClassNTransactionResult Transaction result information
ClassNUri Provides an object representation of a uniform resource identifier (URI) and easy access to the parts of the URI. To create URIs use the TryCreate static method.
ClassNUriBase Base class for all URIs and data URIs.
ClassNWeekDateTimeUnit Represents the week date time unit.
ClassNWordProcessor The NWordProcessor class provides properties and methods for working with the words in a given string.
ClassNYearDateTimeUnit Represents the year date time unit.
InterfaceINDeeplyCloneable Implemented by objects which can create deep clonings
InterfaceINLog Implemented by logs
InterfaceINRecyclable Implementd by recyclable objects residing in recycling pools
InterfaceINStateCopyable Interface implemented by nodes, which have a cloneable state.
InterfaceINTimeSpanConvertable Implemented by date/time units that can be converted to a TimeSpan
StructureNAngle Represents an angle, defined as a value and angle unit pair
StructureNDateTime Represents a date and time that can be incomplete, for example it can contain only year, or only year and month.
StructureNDateTimeRange Represents a date / time range specified by a Begin and End date time.
StructureNDateTimeSpan Represents a date time span as a pair of date/time unit and unit count.
StructureNEmbeddedResourceRef A reference to an embedded resource.
StructureNKeyValuePair<TKey,TValue> Represents a pair of key and its value.
StructureNLength Represents a length, defined as a value and length unit pair
StructureNLicenseKey Represents a license key.
StructureNLogEntry A log entry
StructureNMultiLength Represents a length which is specified in dips or percentages of the parent block width or height
StructureNNullable<T> Represents a nullable value that works on both value and object types.
StructureNTransitionTime Provides information about a specific time change, such as the change from daylight saving time to standard time or vice versa, in a particular time zone.
StructureNUnit Represents a measurement unit
StructureNVariant Represents a value-type pair, which facilitates the type convertion of values, as well as mathematical and logical operations with values of different type and measurement unit.
DelegateFunction Delegate for a void function that has no arguments
DelegateFunction<TArg> Delegate for a void function that has one argument of type TArg.
DelegateFunction<TArg1,TArg2> Delegate for a void function that has two arguments of type TArg1 and TArg2 respectively.
DelegateFunction<TArg1,TArg2,TArg3> Delegate for a void function that has three arguments of type TArg1, TArg2 and TArg3 respectively.
DelegateFunctionResult<TRes> Delegate for a function that returns a result of the TRes and has no arguments
DelegateFunctionResult<TRes,TArg> Delegate for a function that returns a result of the TRes and has one argument of type TArg.
DelegateFunctionResult<TRes,TArg1,TArg2> Delegate for a function that returns a result of the TRes and has two arguments of type TArg1 and TArg2 respectively.
DelegateFunctionResult<TRes,TArg1,TArg2,TArg3> Delegate for a function that returns a result of the TRes and has three arguments of type TArg1, TArg2 and TArg3 respectively.
EnumerationENBoxCorner Enumerates the box corners.
EnumerationENBoxDirection Enumerates the box move directions
EnumerationENBoxSide Enumerates the box sides.
EnumerationENCalendarVersionNumber Enumerates the Nevron Calendar version numbers.
EnumerationENComparisonOperator Represents the comparion operators
EnumerationENContentAlignment Specifies the horizontal and vertical alignment of object within a container.
EnumerationENDateTimeComponent Enumerates the components of a date and time value.
EnumerationENDateTimeUnit Enumerates the supported date/time units
EnumerationENDateTimeValueFormat Defines different formatting modes for DateTime values.
EnumerationENDateTimeValueFormatInfo Enumerates the predefined date / time format info
EnumerationENDirectoryScanMode Enumerates the directory scan modes.
EnumerationENEditionType Enumerates the edition types.
EnumerationENEndianness Endianness of a converter.
EnumerationENFileAttributes Enumerates the attributes of files and dirrectories.
EnumerationENHorizontalAlignment Specifies the horizonal alignment of objects within a container.
EnumerationENKeyType Enumerates the key types.
EnumerationENLicenseDialogResult Enumerates the license dialog results.
EnumerationENLogEntryType Enumerates the log entry types
EnumerationENMultiLengthUnit Enumerates the units in a multi length
EnumerationENMyDrawVersionNumber Enumerates the Nevron MyDraw version numbers.
EnumerationENNovVersionNumber Enumerates the NOV version numbers.
EnumerationENNumericValueFormat Defines different formatting modes for numeric values.
EnumerationENPlatform Enumerates the supported platforms.
EnumerationENProductGroup Enumerates the product groups.
EnumerationENProductType Enumerates the product types.
EnumerationENRelativeAlignment Defines a relative alignment to some length
EnumerationENTransactionResultStatus Defines the possible statuses of batch result
EnumerationENUnitDimension Enumerates the measurement unit dimension types.
EnumerationENUriKind Enumerates the URI kinds.
EnumerationENUriLocalPathNotation Enumerates the supported URI local path notations.
EnumerationENVerticalAlignment Specifies the vertical alignment of objects within a container.
EnumerationENWriterVersionNumber Enumerates the Nevron Writer version numbers.
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