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Nevron.Nov.Schedule.Commands Namespace
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ClassNAddAppointmentCommandAction Creates and adds a new appointment to the schedule.
ClassNCategoryCommandAction Categorizes one or more appointments.
ClassNDeleteAppointmentsCommandAction Deletes the selected appointments.
ClassNDocumentInfoCommandAction Edits the document information of a schedule.
ClassNEditAppointmentCommandAction Shows a dialog for editing the properties of an appointment.
ClassNExportToPdfCommandAction Exports the current date range of a schedule to PDF.
ClassNExportToRasterImageCommandAction Exports the current date range of a schedule to an image.
ClassNExportToVectorImageCommandAction Exports the schedule to a vector image.
ClassNGoToNextRangeCommandAction Moves the schedule to its next date range.
ClassNGoToPreviousRangeCommandAction Moves the schedule to its previous date range.
ClassNGoToTodayCommandAction Moves the schedule to today.
ClassNGroupingsCommandAction Edits the groupings of the currently active view mode.
ClassNImportAppointmentsCommandAction Imports appointments from another schedule document.
ClassNNewCommandAction Creates a new schedule document.
ClassNOpenCommandAction Opens a schedule document.
ClassNPrintCommandAction Prints a drawing document.
ClassNSaveAsCommandAction Shows a "Save As" dialog and saves a schedule document to a file.
ClassNSaveCommandAction Saves a schedule document to a file.
ClassNScheduleCommandAction Base class for schedule command actions.
ClassNScheduleInteractivityCommandAction Configures the interactivity of the schedule.
ClassNScheduleToggleCommandAction Base class for all schedule toggle command actions.
ClassNScheduleWidgetSettingsCommandAction Shows a settings dialog for a schedule child, for example - time ruler, header, grid.
ClassNTagCommandAction<TTag> Base class for all command actions that modify a tag of one or more appointments.
ClassNTimeMarkerCommandAction Applies a time marker to one or more appointments.
ClassNToggleOrientationCommandAction Toggles the orientation of a schedule view.
ClassNToggleViewModeCommandAction Toggles the view mode of a schedule view.
ClassNZoomToPercentCommandAction The zoom to percent command action.
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