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NDayBasedViewMode Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by NDayBasedViewMode.

Public Fields
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)NDayBasedViewModeSchemaSchema associated with NDayBasedViewMode.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyDatesOrientationOverridden. Gets the orientation of the days of this view mode.  
Public PropertyDurationGets the duration of the view mode in days. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public PropertyGroupingsGets/Sets the Groupings child. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public PropertyHeightGets/Sets the height of this view mode. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public PropertyLogicalLengthGets/Sets the logical length of the schedule for this view mode. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public PropertyOrientationGets/Sets the orientation of the view when in this view mode. The orientation coincides with the orientation of the time ruler and is opposite to the orientation of the header. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public PropertyViewModeGets the view mode enumeration value that corresponds to this schedule view mode settings. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public PropertyWidthGets/Sets the width of this view mode. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public Methods
Public MethodGetEndDateGets the end date of the view for the current date of the owner schedule. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public MethodGetRulerStartDateGets the start date of the ruler for the given date. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Public MethodGetStartDateGets the start date of the view mode range the given date is in. (Inherited from Nevron.Nov.Schedule.NViewMode)
Protected Methods
Protected MethodArrangeAppointmentsOverridden. Arranges the given appointments.  
Protected MethodGetDefaultLogicalLengthOverridden. Gets the default logical length of the schedule for this view mode settings.  
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