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Nevron.Nov.Schedule Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNAppointment Represents a root level appointment, which is an appointment that may have a recurrence rule defined and child appointments generated as a result of this rule.
ClassNAppointment.NAppointmentDesigner Designer for NAppointment instances.
ClassNAppointmentBase Base class for appointments.
ClassNAppointmentBase.NAppointmentBaseDesigner A designer for NAppointmentBase instances.
ClassNAppointmentCollection A collection of appointments.
ClassNAppointmentEditDialog A dialog, which edits an appointment.
ClassNAppointmentEditTool A schedule tool, which creates or edits an appointment.
ClassNAppointmentGroup A pair of schedule group name and item name associated with an appointment.
ClassNAppointmentGroupCollection A collection of appointment groups.
ClassNAppointmentGroupCollection.NAppointmentGroupCollectionDesigner Designer for appointment group collections.
ClassNAppointmentHighlightTool Highlights an appointment when the mouse pointer is above it.
ClassNAppointmentMoveTool A schedule drag tool, which moves the selected appointments.
ClassNAppointmentPreview Represents an appointment, which is being moved or resized.
ClassNAppointmentPreviewCollection Represents a collection of appointment previews.
ClassNAppointmentPreviewGroup Represents an appointment preview, which aggregates other move previews.
ClassNAppointmentResizeTool A schedule drag tool, which resizes an appointment.
ClassNAppointmentTag Base class for all appointment tags like categories and time markers.
ClassNAppointmentWidget A widget that represents an appointment or a part of a multi-day appointment in a schedule.
ClassNAppointmentWidgetCollection A collection of appointment widgets, which are typically created by the appointments of a schedule.
ClassNAppointmentWidgetHeader Represents the header of an appointment widget.
ClassNCategory Represents an appointment category.
ClassNCategoryCollection A collection of appointment categories.
ClassNContextMenuTool The NContextMenuTool shows a context menu for the items below the mouse pointer. The context menu that is displayed is controlled by the NScheduleView.ContextMenu attribute.
ClassNDateRangeGrouping A schedule grouping by date range.
ClassNDayBasedViewMode Base class for day and week view modes.
ClassNDayGrouping A schedule grouping by day.
ClassNDayViewMode Schedule day view mode.
ClassNGroupGrouping A schedule grouping by group.
ClassNGrouping Base class for all schedule groupings.
ClassNGroupingCollection A collection of schedule groupings.
ClassNGroupingCollection.NGroupingCollectionDesigner Designer for schedule groupings.
ClassNMonthViewMode Schedule month view mode.
ClassNNotificationDialog Represents an appointment notification dialog.
ClassNOccurrence An appointment, which is a child of a recurring appointment and represents a single occurrence of a recurring event.
ClassNOccurrence.NOccurrenceDesigner Designer for occurences.
ClassNRecurrenceDailyRule Represents a daily recurrence rule.
ClassNRecurrenceDailyRule.NRecurrenceDailyRuleDesigner Designer for recurrence daily rules.
ClassNRecurrenceHourlyRule Represents an hourly recurrence rule.
ClassNRecurrenceHourlyRule.NRecurrenceHourlyRuleDesigner Designer for recurrence hourly rules.
ClassNRecurrenceMonthlyRule Represents a monthly recurrence rule.
ClassNRecurrenceMonthlyRule.NRecurrenceMonthlyRuleDesigner Designer for recurrence monthly rules.
ClassNRecurrenceRule Base class for all appointment recurrence rules.
ClassNRecurrenceRule.NRecurrenceRuleDesigner Designer for recurrence rules.
ClassNRecurrenceWeeklyRule Represents a weekly recurrence rule.
ClassNRecurrenceWeeklyRule.NRecurrenceWeeklyRuleDesigner Designer for recurrence weekly rules.
ClassNRecurrenceYearlyRule Represents an yearly recurrence rule.
ClassNRecurrenceYearlyRule.NRecurrenceYearlyRuleDesigner Designer for recurrence yearly rules.
ClassNResources DO NOT MODIFY MANUALLY. Automatically generated by NResourceMaker.
ClassNSchedule The root element of a schedule document.
ClassNSchedule.NScheduleDesigner Designer for schedules.
ClassNScheduleClickSelectTool Performs the click select functionality of the schedule.
ClassNScheduleClickTool A schedule tool, which reacts on mouse click events.
ClassNScheduleClipping The NScheduleClipping represents a set of appointments, which can be transfered across documents via Clipboard and Drag and Drop operations.
ClassNScheduleCommandBarBuilder Creates the Nevron Schedule command bars.
ClassNScheduleContextMenu Represents a context menu factory. It is used to construct context menus for the context editable schedule elements. An instance of this class can be obtained through the NSchedule.ContextMenu property.
ClassNScheduleDocument Rperesents a schedule document.
ClassNScheduleDragTool Base class of all tools that handle drag and drop of schedule elements.
ClassNScheduleGrid Represents the schedule grid.
ClassNScheduleGrid.NScheduleGridDesigner Designer for schedule grids.
ClassNScheduleGridCell Represents a schedule grid cell.
ClassNScheduleGridRulersBase Base class for the schedule grid and rulers.
ClassNScheduleGridRulersBase.NScheduleGridRulersBaseDesigner Designer for schedule grid and time rulers.
ClassNScheduleGroup Represents a schedule group.
ClassNScheduleGroup.NScheduleGroupDesigner Designer for schedule groups.
ClassNScheduleGroupCollection Represents a collection of schedule groups. No duplicating group names are allowed.
ClassNScheduleGroupCollection.NScheduleGroupCollectionDesigner A designer of schedule group collections.
ClassNScheduleHeader Represents the header of a schedule.
ClassNScheduleHeader.NScheduleHeaderDesigner Designer for schedule headers.
ClassNScheduleImageExportDialog Represents the Schedule image export dialog.
ClassNScheduleModule Represents the Nevron schedule module.
ClassNSchedulePdfExporter Exports a schedule document to PDF.
ClassNSchedulePrintExporter Prints a schedule document.
ClassNSchedulePrintLayout Represents a schedule print layout.
ClassNScheduleRasterImageExporter Exports a schedule to a raster image.
ClassNScheduleRibbonBuilder Creates the Nevron Schedule ribbon.
ClassNScheduleSelection Represents the currently selected appointments of a schedule.
ClassNScheduleTheme Represents a theme for a schedule.
ClassNScheduleTimeRuler Represents the time ruler of a Nevron schedule.
ClassNScheduleTimeRuler.NScheduleTimeRulerDesigner Designer for schedule time rulers.
ClassNScheduleTool Base class for schedule view tools.
ClassNScheduleUIThemePlugin A theme plugin that styles the Nevron Schedule control.
ClassNScheduleVectorImageExporter Exports a schedule document to a vector image such as SVG.
ClassNScheduleView A widget, which shows a schedule document and lets you add, create and modify its appointments.
ClassNScheduleViewNavigator A widget that navigates backward and forward a schedule view.
ClassNScheduleViewWithCommandBars A schedule view with command bars.
ClassNScheduleViewWithRibbon A schedule view with ribbon.
ClassNScrollAndZoomTool A tool, which implements mouse wheel scrolling and zooming of a schedule.
ClassNTagComboBox A combo box for selecting an appointment tag.
ClassNTagItemHeader Represents the header of a tag split button menu item.
ClassNTagSplitButton A split button for selecting an appointment tag.
ClassNTagSplitButtonCommandSource Command source associated with tag split buttons.
ClassNTimelineViewMode Schedule timeline view mode mode.
ClassNTimelineViewMode.NTimelineViewModeDesigner Designer for timeline view modes.
ClassNTimeMarker Represents an appointment time marker.
ClassNTimeMarkerCollection A collection of appointment time markers.
ClassNViewMode Base class for all schedule view modes.
ClassNViewMode.NViewModeDesigner Designer for view modes.
ClassNWeekGrouping A schedule grouping by week.
ClassNWeekViewMode Schedule week view mode.
EnumerationENDayOfWeek Enumerates the week days. This is a masked enum.
EnumerationENDayOrdinal Enumerates the supported day ordinal values.
EnumerationENMonth Enumerates the months. This is a masked enum.
EnumerationENRecurrenceEndMode Enumerates the supported recurrence range end modes.
EnumerationENRecurrenceFrequency Enumerates the recurrence frequencies.
EnumerationENRecurrencePatternType Enumerates the recurrence pattern types.
EnumerationENScheduleInteractivity Enumerates the schedule interactivity options. This is a masked enum.
EnumerationENScheduleViewMode Enumerates the schedule view modes.
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