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Nevron.Nov.Office.Writer Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNFormatsWorkspaceItem Represents a workspace item, which loads/saves the Writer format settings.
ClassNOptionsTextCommandAction Modifies the text options.
ClassNRichTextViewStateWorkspaceItem Represents a workspace item, which loads/saves the rich text view state.
ClassNRulerSettings Stores ruler settings.
ClassNSpellCheckWorkspaceItem Represents a spell check workspace item.
ClassNWriterOptions Holds the options of Nevron Writer.
ClassNWriterOptions.NWriterOptionsDesigner Designer for NWriterOptions.
ClassNWriterRichTextView Represents the rich text view used in Nevron Writer.
InterfaceINWriterWindow An interface implemented by the Nevron Writer application.
EnumerationENWriterToolbar Emnumerates the Nevron Writer toolbars.
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