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Nevron.Nov.Text.SpellCheck Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNDictionary Base class for all dictionaries
ClassNDictionaryInfo Contains information for a spell check dictionary.
ClassNDictionaryManager Enumerates and loads Nevron spell check dictionaries for the Nevron spell checker. This default implementation lists and loads only the embedded "English (US)" dictionary.
ClassNDirectoryDictionaryManager Represents a dictionary manager that can scan the contents of a directory for dictionaries and dictionary infos.
ClassNHunspellDictionaryReader Reads dictionaries in the Hunspell format, such as the Open Office dictionaries.
ClassNResourceDictionaryManager Scans the resources of a NOV assembly for spell check dictionaries and dictionary infos.
ClassNSpellChecker Provides spell check functionality for the Nevron Rich Text control.
ClassNTernarySpellCheckDictionary Represents a dictionary that can be used to check whether a word is correct and to get spell checking suggetions if it is not.
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