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Nevron.Nov.Text Namespace (Nevron.Nov.Text)
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassNAddFontStyleToInlinesBatch Sets the specified font style to the currently selected inlines
ClassNAlignTableCellBatch Aligns the content of one or more table cells.
ClassNApplyBlockBackgroundFillBatch Applies block background fill to the currently selected root blocks.
ClassNApplyBlockFloatModeBatch Applies block float mode to the currently selected blocks.
ClassNApplyBulletFormattingBatch Applies bullet formatting to the current selection.
ClassNApplyCellBackgroundBatch Applies background fill to one or more table cells.
ClassNApplyLeftMarginParagraphBatch Applies paragraph left margin to the currently selected paragraph.
ClassNApplyParagraphAlignmentBatch Applies paragraph alignment to the currently selected paragraph.
ClassNApplyParagraphLineHeightFactorBatch Sets paragraph line height factor to the currently selected paragraph.
ClassNApplyRightMarginParagraphBatch Applies paragraph right margin to the currently selected paragraph.
ClassNBatch The base of all batches
ClassNBatchContainer Represents a batch that consists of one or more batches.
ClassNBidiFormatMarkInline Represents a formatting mark as specified in the Unicode bi directional algorithm
ClassNBlock Base for all block text elements
ClassNBlock.NBlockDesigner Designer for NBlock.
ClassNBlockArrangeManager Represents a block arrange manager
ClassNBlockBatch Base class for all batches that modify the currently selected blocks.
ClassNBlockCollection<T> Represents a collection of block elements
ClassNBlockContainer<T> Represents a block element that contains other block elements
ClassNBlockSettings Contains a set of properties that are used to modify a table.
ClassNBlockSettings.NBlockSettingsDesigner Designer for NBlockSettings.
ClassNBookmarkGotoPart Represents a book mark goto part
ClassNBookmarkGotoPart.NBookmarkGotoPartDesigner Designer for NBookmarkGotoPart.
ClassNBookmarkHyperlink Represents a bookmarks hyperlink.
ClassNBookmarkInline Represents a bookmark inline element.
ClassNBookmarkInline.NBookmarkInlineDesigner Designer for bookmark inlines.
ClassNBookmarkManager Manages document bookmarks
ClassNBookmarkNamePropertyEditor The NBookmarkNamePropertyEditor class is assigned to the name property of a hyperlink.
ClassNBorderRule Represents a table border style.
ClassNBorderSideRule Represents a table border side rule.
ClassNBoxTextElementEditor Represents shape editor. A shape editor consists of multiple trackers each allowing the editing of specific shape aspects.
ClassNBoxTextElementEditorCollection A collection of box editor editors
ClassNBulletInline Represents a bullet inline
ClassNBulletList Represents a bullet list template
ClassNBulletList.NBulletListTemplateDesigner Designer for NBulletListTemplate.
ClassNBulletListCollection Represents a collection of bullet list levels
ClassNBulletListCollection.NBulletListCollectionDesigner Designer for NBulletListCollection.
ClassNBulletListLevel Represents a bullet list level
ClassNBulletListLevel.NBulletListLevelDesigner Designer for NBulletListLevel.
ClassNBulletListLevelCollection Represents a collection of bullet list levels
ClassNBulletListLevelCollection.NBulletListLevelCollectionDesigner Designer for NBulletListLevelCollection.
ClassNBulletsAndNumberingBatch Modifies the bullets and numbering style of the selection.
ClassNBulletsAndNumberingSettings FIX: Extend the bullet settings
ClassNBulletsAndNumberingSettings.NBulletsAndNumberingSettingsDesigner Designer for NBulletsAndNumberingSettings.
ClassNChangeFontSizeToInlinesBatch Set the font size to the currently selected inlines.
ClassNCharInsertEventArgs Character insert event arguments.
ClassNClearBulletFormattingBatch Clears bullet formatting from the current selection
ClassNClearFontStyleFromInlinesBatch Clears the specified font style from the currently selected inlines
ClassNClearPropertyValueInlinesBatch Clears the value of a given property for the selected inlines.
ClassNClickSelectTool NClickSelectTool
ClassNColumnPageLayoutPickerCell A cell of a column page layout picker.
ClassNContextMenuTool The NContextMenuTool is used to provide context menu functionality to a NRichTextView.
ClassNCopyBatch Copies the current selection to the clipboard
ClassNCounter Represents a bullet list counter
ClassNCreateTabStopTool NCreateTabStopTool
ClassNCurrentPageInfo Represents information about the current page (used when the user selects current page from the print dialog)
ClassNCursorTool A tool, which monitors the mouse move over a rich text view and changes the cursor as appropriate, for example to an I-beam cursor when the mouse is over a page.
ClassNCutBatch Cuts the current selection.
ClassNDataRecordSelector A widget that lets the user select a data record.
ClassNDataRecordSelectorCommandSource A command source that can be applied to data record selectors. It subsrcibes to the NDataRecordSelector.SelectedIndexChanged event to execute the command with a parameter equal to selected data record index.
ClassNDataSourceBuilderChainTask Base class for data source builder chain tasks.
ClassNDataSourceBuilderTask Base class for data source builder tasks.
ClassNDateTimeFieldValue Represents a field inline which can represent date / time values
ClassNDateTimeFieldValue.NDateTimeFieldValueDesigner Designer for date/time field values.
ClassNDecreaseTableCellColSpanBatch Decreases the currently selected cell column span
ClassNDecreaseTableCellRowSpanBatch Decreases the currently selected cell row span
ClassNDeleteNextGraphemeBatch Deletes the next grapheme in case the selection does not contain a range. For range selection deletes the whole range.
ClassNDeletePrevCharBatch Deletes the previous char in case the selection does not contain a range. For range selection deletes the whole range.
ClassNDeleteRangeBatch Deletes the currently selected range.
ClassNDeleteTableBatch Deletes a table.
ClassNDeleteTableColumnBatch Deletes the current table column to the left of the current table column.
ClassNDeleteTableRowsBatch Deletes one or more table rows.
ClassNDialogBatch Base class for all batches that show a dialog window.
ClassNDocumentBlock The document block represents the text document and contains one or more sections.
ClassNDocumentBlock.NDocumentStateDesigner Section state designer
ClassNDocumentLoadedEventArgs Document loaded event args
ClassNDocumentSavedEventArgs Document saved event args
ClassNDragDropSelectionTool Represents a tool that allows the user to resize images
ClassNDragHandleTool Represents a tool that allows the user to resize images
ClassNDragShapeBlockTool Represents a tool that allows the user to resize images
ClassNEditBulletListBatch Customizes bullet styles for the current document.
ClassNEditDocumentBatch Edits the document information properties.
ClassNEditDocumentInfoBatch Edits the document information properties.
ClassNEditFieldBatch Shows a dialog for editing a field.
ClassNEditGroupBlockBatch Edits the currently selected group block
ClassNEditParagraphBatch Edits the currently selected paragraph.
ClassNEditSectionBatch Edits the currently selected section
ClassNEditSectionPageBatch Edits the currently selected section
ClassNEditShapeBlockBatch Edits the currently selected shape block.
ClassNEditTableBatch Edits the properties of a table.
ClassNEditTableCellBatch Edits the properties of a table cell.
ClassNEditTableColumnBatch Edits the currently selected column
ClassNEditTableRowBatch Edits the currently selected table row
ClassNEditTabStopBatch Edits the currently selected paragraph
ClassNFieldInline Represents a field inline (multiple characters that behave as one text position).
ClassNFieldInline.NFieldInlineDesigner Designer for field inlines.
ClassNFieldMapPropertyEditor Field map property editor.
ClassNFieldValue Base class for all field values.
ClassNFieldValue.NFieldValueDesigner Designer for NFieldValueTypeSettings.
ClassNFindBatch Finds a given text.
ClassNFindReplaceAllBatch Replaces all occurances of the specified text with other text.
ClassNFindSettings Contains settings for text find operations.
ClassNFindSettings.NFindSettingsDesigner Designer for NFindSettings.
ClassNFirstLineIndentRulerMark An HRuler mark, that is used to modify the first line indent of a block
ClassNGlyphInline Base for all inline elements that display text or glyph(s).
ClassNGotoPart Base for all goto parts.
ClassNGotoPart.NGotoPartDesigner Designer for NGotoPart.
ClassNGotoSettings A class that contains the settings necessary for a go to line operation.
ClassNGotoSettings.NGotoSettingsDesigner Designer for NGotoSettings.
ClassNGreetingLineFieldValue A field inline value that represents a greeting line used in mail merge operations.
ClassNGreetingLineFieldValue.NGreetingLineFieldValueDesigner Designer for greeting line field values.
ClassNGroupBlock Represents a group block
ClassNGroupBlock.NGroupBlockStateDesigner Group block state designer
ClassNGuideline Serves as base class for horizontal and vertical guidelines.
ClassNHandleStyle Represents an attribute, which controls the appearance of a specific set of handles
ClassNHangingIndentRulerMark An HRuler mark, that is used to modify the hanging indent of a block
ClassNHeaderFooter Represents a header footer element
ClassNHorizontalGuideline NHorizontalGuideline
ClassNHRuler Represents the horizontal ruler of a rich text editor.
ClassNHRulerLane Represents a lane from the horizontal ruler.
ClassNHyperlink Base class for hyperlink
ClassNHyperlink.NHyperlinkDesigner Designer for NHyperlink.
ClassNHyperlinkInline Represents a hyperlink inline that the user can click to navigate to a bookmark in the document or an URL.
ClassNHyperlinkInline.NHyperlinkInlineDesigner Designer for hyperlink inlines.
ClassNImageAtom Represents an image atom.
ClassNImageInline Base for all image inlines (raster, metafile etc.)
ClassNImageInline.NImageInlineStateDesigner Designer for NImageInlineState.
ClassNIncreaseTableCellColSpanBatch Decreases the currently selected cell col span
ClassNIncreaseTableCellRowSpanBatch Increases the currently selected cell row span.
ClassNInline Base for all inline elements
ClassNInlineAtom Represents an inline atom.
ClassNInlineBatch Base for all batches that modify the currently selected inlines.
ClassNInlineCollection Represents a collection of inline elements
ClassNInlineRule Represents a rich text inline rule.
ClassNInlineStyle Represents a rich text inline style.
ClassNInlineStyle.NInlineStyleDesigner Designer for inline styles.
ClassNInsertBreakSettings Insert break settings object for the insert break command action
ClassNInsertBreakSettings.NInsertBreakSettingsDesigner Designer for NInsertBreakSettings.
ClassNInsertDateSettings Represents settings for the insert date command action
ClassNInsertDateSettings.NInsertDateSettingsDesigner Designer for NInsertDateSettings.
ClassNInsertFieldBatch Shows a dialog for inserting a field.
ClassNInsertSectionBreakBatch Inserts an image at the currently selected range or position
ClassNInsertTableAtSelectedPositionBatch Inserts a new table at the currently selected position. The table is created according to the specified settings.
ClassNInsertTableAtSelectedRangeBatch Inserts a new table at the currently selected text range. The text range will be split accordingly.
ClassNInsertTableColumnBatch Inserts a table column to the left or to the right of the current table column.
ClassNInsertTableRowBatch Inserts a new table row.
ClassNInsertTableSettings Contains a set of properties that are used to create a table.
ClassNInsertTableSettings.NInsertTableSettingsDesigner Designer for NInsertTableSettings.
ClassNInsertTableSettingsSizeCategoryEditor Contains a set of properties that are used to create a table.
ClassNInsertTextAtomBatch Inserts a text atome at the currently selected range or position.
ClassNInsertTextBatch Replaces the current selection (if any) with the specified text.
ClassNInsertTimeSettings Represents settings for the insert date command action
ClassNInsertTimeSettings.NInsertTimeSettingsDesigner Designer for NInsertTimeSettings.
ClassNKeyboardInputTool NKeyboardInputTool
ClassNKeyboardNavigationTool NKeyboardNavigationTool
ClassNLeftMarginRulerMark An HRuler mark, that is used to modify the right margin of blocks
ClassNLineBreakInline Represents a line break
ClassNLineGotoPart Represents a go to line part.
ClassNLineGotoPart.NLineGotoPartDesigner Designer for NLineGotoPart.
ClassNMailMerge Base class for all data sources.
ClassNMailMergeDataSource Represents the data source for mail merge.
ClassNMailMergeDataSource.NDataSourceDesigner Designer for field inlines.
ClassNMailMergeFieldMap A class that provides information about the mapping of predefined mail merge fields to data source field names.
ClassNMailMergeFieldValue Base class for all field inline value, which are used in mail merge operations.
ClassNMailMergePredefinedFieldValue Represents a mail merge field value that gets data from a mail merge source field with a given name.
ClassNMailMergePredefinedFieldValue.NMailMergePredefinedFieldValueDesigner Designer for mail merge predefined field values.
ClassNMailMergeRecordMergeIndexFieldValue Displays the ordinal position of the record in the mail merge. This number is not visible until the mail merge is finished.
ClassNMailMergeRecordMergeIndexFieldValue.NMailMergeRecordMergeIndexFieldValueDesigner Designer for mail merge record source index field values.
ClassNMailMergeRecordSourceIndexFieldValue Displays the ordinal position of the mail merge data record in the list of selected records from the data source.
ClassNMailMergeRecordSourceIndexFieldValue.NMailMergeRecordSourceIndexFieldValueDesigner Designer for mail merge record source index field values.
ClassNMailMergeSourceFieldValue Represents a mail merge field value that gets data from a mail merge source field with a given name.
ClassNMailMergeSourceFieldValue.NMailMergeSourceFieldValueDesigner Designer for mail merge source field values.
ClassNMarginsLengthPropertyEditor Represents a property editor that allows to edit a margins structure with unit information
ClassNMatchFieldsBatch Shows a dialog for choosing the mail merge to data source column mappings.
ClassNMergeAndSaveBatch Creates a document for each record in the mail merge data source, merges all such documents to one large document and shows a "Save As" dialog for saving it.
ClassNMetafileAtom Represents a metafile image atom.
ClassNMetafileImageInline Represents an inline image in metafile image format (WMF or EMF)
ClassNModifyBlockMarginBatch Modifies the currently selected block margins by a given amount
ClassNModifyBlockOffsetBatch Base for all batches that modify block margins and padding.
ClassNModifyBorderAndThicknessBatch Modifies the border and the thickness of the currently selected block elements.
ClassNModifyCellBorderAndThicknessBatch Modifies the border and border thickness of one or more table cells.
ClassNModifyImageBatch Modifies the properties of an image inline.
ClassNModifyParagraphFirstLineIndentBatch Modifies the currently selected paragraphs first line indent by a given amount.
ClassNMultipleTableCellsBatch Base class for all batches that modify the properties of multiple table cells.
ClassNNumericFieldNamePropertyEditor A pair box property editor, which is by default assigned to properties of Enum type. The value control is a combo box, a list box or a radio group.
ClassNNumericFieldValue Represents a numeric field inline value.
ClassNNumericFieldValue.NNumericFieldValueDesigner Designer for numeric field values.
ClassNPageBreakInline Represents a page break inline
ClassNPageGotoPart.NPageGotoPartDesigner Designer for NPageGotoPart.
ClassNPageReferenceFieldValue Represents a page reference to a bookmark inline.
ClassNParagraph The paragraph block element.
ClassNParagraph.NParagraphStateDesigner Paragraph state designer
ClassNParagraphBatch Base for all batches that modify the currently selected paragraphs
ClassNParagraphBreakInline Represents a paragraph end
ClassNParagraphGotoPart.NParagraphGotoPartDesigner Designer for NParagraphGotoPart.
ClassNParagraphRule Represents a rich text paragraph rule.
ClassNParagraphStyle Represents a rich text style that can be applied on paragraphs.
ClassNParagraphStyle.NParagraphStyleDesigner Designer for paragraph styles.
ClassNPasteBatch Replaces the current selection (if any) with the specified char
ClassNPasteFromFormatBatch Replaces the current selection (if any) with the specified char.
ClassNPasteOptions Represents paste options applied when a paste command is executed
ClassNRangeSelectTool The NRangeSelectTool is used to provide range selection functionality to a NRichTextView.
ClassNRangeTextElement Base for all elements that can contain content
ClassNRangeTextElementCollection<T> Represents a range text element collection.
ClassNRasterImageInline Represents an inline image in raster image format (PNG, BMP, JPEG etc.)
ClassNReplaceBatch Replaces the specified range with the specified text
ClassNReplaceSettings Contains settings for text replace operations.
ClassNReplaceSettings.NReplaceSettingsDesigner Designer for NReplaceSettings.
ClassNResizeTableColumnTool Represents a tool that allows the user to resize table columns
ClassNResources DO NOT MODIFY MANUALLY. Automatically generated by NResourceMaker.
ClassNRichTextDocument Represents a document that contains an NDocumentBlock element.
ClassNRichTextRule Base class for all rich text style rules. A rich text rule is a set of properties that can be added to a style rule.
ClassNRichTextStyle Base class for all rich text styles. A rich text style contains property values and rules that can be added to a style sheet and usually result in multiple style rules.
ClassNRichTextStyle.NRichTextStyleDesigner Designer for rich text styles.
ClassNRichTextStyleCollection Represents a collection of rich text styles.
ClassNRichTextStyleCollection.NRichTextStyleCollectionDesigner Designer for rich text style collections.
ClassNRichTextStylePicker Base class for all rich text style pickers.
ClassNRichTextStylePickerCell Base class for all text style picker cells.
ClassNRichTextStyleSplitButton Base class for all rich text style split buttons.
ClassNRichTextStyleSplitButtonCommandSource Command source associated with rich text style split buttons.
ClassNRichTextStylingElement Base class for all rich text styling element such as rich text styles and rich text rules.
ClassNRichTextTool Static class with helper methods for tools that are intended to be owned by NRichTextView.
ClassNRichTextView Represents a rich text edit control.
ClassNRichTextViewWithCommandBars A rich text view with command bars.
ClassNRichTextViewWithRibbon A rich text view with ribbon.
ClassNRightMarginRulerMark An HRuler mark, that is used to modify the right margin of blocks
ClassNRootBlock<T> Represents a root block element. The root element contains a selection object
ClassNRuler Represents a rich text editor ruler. Serves as base class for horizontal and vertical rulers.
ClassNRuler.NRulerDesigner Designer for rulers.
ClassNRulerLane Represents a lane from a ruler, which is a widget composed of ruler ranges and ruler marks. Serves as base class for horizontal and vertical lanes
ClassNRulerLanesPanel<T> A collection of ruler lanes, that serves as base class for horizontal and vertical ruler lane panels.
ClassNRulerMark A ruler item, that draws a specific mark and which the user can drag.
ClassNRulerMarkCollection A collection of ruler mark items.
ClassNRulerRange A ruler lane item, that represents a range.
ClassNRulerRangeCollection A collection of ruler range items.
ClassNRulerRangeTextElementInfo Serves as base class for ruler range text element infos
ClassNRulerTextElementInfo Serves as base class for element info objects that text elements dynamically provide to rulers.
ClassNScrollAndZoomTool A tool, which implements mouse wheel scrolling and zooming of a NRichTextView.
ClassNSection Represents a section of the document
ClassNSection.NSectionPageStateDesigner Represents a section page state designer.
ClassNSection.NSectionStateDesigner Section state designer.
ClassNSectionBlocksCollection Represents a collection of inline elements.
ClassNSectionBreakInline Represents a section break inline.
ClassNSectionCollection Represents a collection of sections
ClassNSectionGotoPart.NSectionGotoPartDesigner Designer for NSectionGotoPart.
ClassNSelectDataRecordBatch Selects a mail merge data record.
ClassNSelectEditTargetTool The select edit target tool is used to dynamically change the current edit target when the user double clicks on the header / footer or click away from a header footer.
ClassNSelection Represents the selection of text document.
ClassNSelectRecipientsBatch Shows a dilog for selecting a mail merge data source (e.g. an Access database).
ClassNSelectTableBatch Selects a table.
ClassNSelectTableCellBatch Selects a table cell.
ClassNSelectTableColumnBatch Selects a table column.
ClassNSetBaselineToInlinesBatch Sets the specified baseline (normal, superscript or subscript) to the currently selected inlines
ClassNSetFillToInlinesBatch Applies the specified property value to the currently selected inlines
ClassNSetFontNameToInlinesBatch Sets the font name to the currently selected inlines
ClassNSetFontSizeToInlinesBatch Set the font size to the currently selected inlines.
ClassNSetSectionColumnCountBatch Sets the specified column count of the currently selected section
ClassNSetStrokeToInlinesBatch Sets the stroke of the currently selected inlines.
ClassNSetTextAnchorBatch Sets the text anchor
ClassNSetWrapModeBatch Sets the font name to the currently selected inlines
ClassNShapeBlock Represents a shape block.
ClassNShapeBlock.NShapeBlockStateDesigner Bullet list item state designer
ClassNShapeInline Base for all box inlines (image or widget)
ClassNShapeInline.NShapeInlineStateDesigner Designer for NShapeInlineState.
ClassNSingleTableCellBatch Base for all batches that modify properties of a single table cell.
ClassNSpellSuggestionMenuItem A menu item that shows a spell check suggestion.
ClassNStatistics Provides document statistics
ClassNStringFieldValue A field inline value, which represents string values.
ClassNStringFieldValue.NStringFieldValueDesigner Designer for string field values.
ClassNTabInline Represents a tab inline
ClassNTable Represents a table.
ClassNTable.NTableDesigner Designer for tables.
ClassNTableCell Represents a table cell
ClassNTableCell.NTableCellStateDesigner Designer for NTableCellState.
ClassNTableCellCollection Represents a collection of table cell elements
ClassNTableColumn The base of all appearance styles.
ClassNTableColumn.NTableColumnStateDesigner Designer for NTableColumnState.
ClassNTableColumnBatch The base for all batches that depend on the current common table column.
ClassNTableColumnCollection Represents a collection of inline elements
ClassNTableColumnWidthModeBatch Sets the column width in a table using a specified column width mode.
ClassNTableGotoPart.NTableGotoPartDesigner Designer for NTableGotoPart.
ClassNTableOfContentsBlock Represents a table of contents block.
ClassNTableOfContentsBlock.NTableOfContentsBlockDesigner Designer for NTableOfContentsBlock.
ClassNTableOfContentsField Represents the content field of a table of contents block, i.e. the block, which holds the table of contents entries.
ClassNTablePartStyle Represents a table part style, i.e. a style for a row, column, cell or a whole table.
ClassNTableRow Represents a table row.
ClassNTableRow.NTableRowStateDesigner Designer for NTableRowState.
ClassNTableRowCollection Represents a collection of inline elements.
ClassNTableSettings Contains a set of properties that are used to modify a table.
ClassNTableSettings.NTableSettingsDesigner Designer for table settings.
ClassNTableSizeDropDown A drop down for selecting a table size.
ClassNTableStyle Represents a rich text table style.
ClassNTableStyle.NTableStyleDesigner Designer for table styles.
ClassNTableStyleOptionsCommandAction Edits table style options.
ClassNTableStylePicker A picker for selecting a table style.
ClassNTableStyleSplitButton Split button for selecting a table style.
ClassNTabStop Repsents a tab stop
ClassNTabStop.NTabStopDesigner The designer for style sheets.
ClassNTabStopCollection Represents a collection of tab stops
ClassNTabStopRulerMark An HRuler mark, that is used to modify an explicit tab stop of a block
ClassNTextAtom Represents a text atom.
ClassNTextElement Base of all text elements
ClassNTextElementCollection<T> Base for all collections that contain text elements
ClassNTextElementMeasureManager Represents a Element measure manager
ClassNTextInline Represents a text inline
ClassNTextLoadAssemblyType Dummy type used to explicitly load the Nevron.Nov.Text assembly
ClassNTextModule Represents the Nevron Text module.
ClassNTextStylePicker A picker for selecting a text style.
ClassNTextStyleSplitButton A text button for selecting a text style.
ClassNTextUIThemePlugin A theme plugin that adds rules for the Nevron rich text control.
ClassNUpdateFieldBatch Updates the currently selected fields.
ClassNUrlHyperlink Represents a URL hyperlink
ClassNUrlHyperlink.NUrlHyperlinkDesigner Designer for NUrlHyperlink.
ClassNVerticalGuideline NVerticalGuideline
ClassNVFlowBlockCollection<T> Represents a collection of inline elements
ClassNVFlowBlockContainer<T> Base class for all block containers whose child blocks flow vertically.
ClassNViewSettings Controls various visibility options of the text.
ClassNVProjectionRulerRange A vertical ruler range, that is used to highlight the projection of the currently visible text elements on the VRuler.
ClassNVRuler Represents the vertical ruler of a rich text editor.
ClassNVRulerLane Represents a lane from the horizontal ruler.
ClassNWidgetInline Represents an inlined widget
InterfaceINVRulerTextElement Implemented by text elements, which can be represented on the VRuler.
StructureNCharInsertData Holds character insert data information.
StructureNTabStopInfo Repsents a tab stop information assigned to tabs
DelegateCharInsertEventHandler Delegate for event handlers, which require to have control over char insert changes in text inlines
DelegateNBlock.VisitBlockDelegate Called when a block is visited
DelegateNRangeTextElement.VisitRangeDelegate Called when a block is visited.
EnumerationENAlign Defines the text alignment within a paragraph
EnumerationENBidiFormatMarkType Enumerates the possible types of the bidi inline element
EnumerationENBlockSide Enumerates the block sides
EnumerationENBlockYIndex Enumerates the block Y indexes
EnumerationENBreakType Enumerates the supported break types.
EnumerationENBulletChar Enumerates some commonly used bullet chars
EnumerationENBulletFollowChar The type of char following the bullet
EnumerationENBulletListTemplateType Defines the style of bullets
EnumerationENBulletType Defines the style of bullets
EnumerationENClearMode Enumerates the block clear modes.
EnumerationENColumnWidthMode Enumerates the column width modes.
EnumerationENDataSourceFormatType Enumerates the data source formats
EnumerationENDateTimeFieldName Enumerates the date time field types.
EnumerationENEditTargetType Enumerates the editing targets.
EnumerationENFieldContentPartType Enumerates the supported field content part types.
EnumerationENFloatMode Enumerates the block flow modes
EnumerationENGreetingLineContent Enumerates the greeting line contents.
EnumerationENGutterPosition Enumerates the gutter positions
EnumerationENHandleShape Defines the currently available handle shapes
EnumerationENHandleType Defines the possible handle types
EnumerationENHorizontalAnchor Enumerates the block flow modes
EnumerationENHorizontalBlockAlignment Enumerates the block horizontal alignment modes.
EnumerationENHyperlinkLinkType Enumerates the hyperlink types
EnumerationENInactiveContentDisplayMode Enumerates the inactive content display modes
EnumerationENLineHeightMode Enumerates the line height modes.
EnumerationENMailMergeDataField Enumerates the supported mail merge data fields, i.e. fields that are used for special mail merge features, for example for GreetingLine.
EnumerationENMailMergeDestination Enumerates the mail merge destinations
EnumerationENMailMergeDocumentType Enumerates the DOCX mail merge source document types (the ST_MailMergeDocType simple type).
EnumerationENMailMergeFieldType Enumerates the mail merge field value types.
EnumerationENMarkVisibility Enumerates the mark visibilities
EnumerationENNormalization Enumerates the normalization used when searching trough text
EnumerationENNumericFieldName Enumerates the numeric field types
EnumerationENOutlineLevel Enumerates the paragraph outline levels.
EnumerationENParagraphDirection Enumerates the paragraph directions.
EnumerationENRichTextStyleScope Enumerates the rich text style scopes.
EnumerationENRichTextStyleType Enumerates the rich text style types.
EnumerationENSearchDirection Enumerates the text search directions.
EnumerationENSectionBreakType Enumerates the section break type
EnumerationENSelectionMode Enumerates the selection modes
EnumerationENSelectionRenderMode Enumerates the selection render modes
EnumerationENStringFieldName Enumerates the string field types.
EnumerationENStringFieldValueFormat Enumerates the value formats
EnumerationENTableBorders Enumerates the table borders configurations used by the table style editor.
EnumerationENTablePart Enumerates the table parts used for table styling.
EnumerationENTableStyleOptions Enumerates the table style options.
EnumerationENTabStopLeaderStyle Enumerates the tab stop leader styles
EnumerationENTextAtomType Enumerates the text atom types
EnumerationENTextDocumentPart Enumerates the text document parts.
EnumerationENTextFillType Enumerates the text fill types
EnumerationENTextLayout Enumerates the text layout types
EnumerationENUrlHyperlinkTarget Enumerates the URL hyperlink targets
EnumerationENVAlign Defines the vertical alignment within a block element.
EnumerationENVerticalAnchor Enumerates the block flow modes
EnumerationENVerticalBlockAlignment Enumerates the block vertical alignment modes.
EnumerationENWrapMode Enumerates the wrapping modes
EnumerationENWrapModeCommand Enumerates the wrap mode commands
EnumerationENZoomCommandMode Enumerates the supported zoom command modes.
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