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User Panel

The NUserPanel class is just a collection of widgets. It does not measure, arrange, show or hide its child widgets. That is why it comes very handy when you need to explicitly arrange widgets, or use NOV expressions for widgets arrangement.

The following example anchors a button at the right bottom side of a panel:

Panel Containing Button with Expressions
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NUserPanel panel = new NUserPanel();
panel.HorizontalPlacement = ENHorizontalPlacement.Fit;
panel.VerticalPlacement = ENVerticalPlacement.Fit;   
NButton button = new NButton("Anchor Right Bottom");
button.SetFx("X", "$Parent.Width - Width - 10");
button.SetFx("Y", "$Parent.Height - Height - 10");
button.SetFx("Width", "DesiredWidth");
button.SetFx("Height", "DesiredHeight");

Note that because the NUserPanel does not arrange it's child widgets, the actual width and height of the button need to also be explicitly specified. In this example we have simply bound them to the button desired width and desired height respectively.

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