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    Pie Series
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    A Pie Chart is a circular chart divided into sectors, where the arc length of each sector is proportional to the quantity it represents. Pie Charts are convenient when you need to compare the value for a given category with the total. The following images shows a standard and doughnut pie charts:

     Creating a Pie Series

    Pie series are represented by the NPieSeries type. An instance of this type must be added to the series collection of a Pie chart:

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    NPieSeries pieSeries = new NPieSeries();

     Passing Data

    Pie series accept data points of type NPieDataPoint. The following code snippet shows how to add data to a pie series:

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    NPieDataPoint pieDataPoint = new NPieDataPoint();
    pieDataPoint.Value = 10;

     Data Labels Layout

    The LabelMode property of the NPieSeries object controls how pie labels a positioned and layout. The following table lists the available options:

    ENPieLabelMode Description
    Center Pie labels are displayed in the center of the pie segment.
    Rim Pie labels are displayed on the rim of the pie segment.
    Spider Pie labels are displayed on equal X coordinate distance from the center of the pie on the left and rights side depending on the pie segment middle angle.

     The following code snippet shows how to change the label mode of a pie series:

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    pieSeries.LabelMode = ENPieLabelMode.Spider;

    Depending on the LabelMode different label layouts apply. In case the LabelMode is set to ENPieLabelMode.Center or ENPieLabelMode.Rim pie labels are treated as normal data labels and the options described in the Series Label Layout apply. In case the LabelMode is set to ENPieLabelMode.Spider you can control the spider arrow length from the SpiderArrowLength property of the pie series.
     Formatting Commands

    The pie series supports the following formatting commands in addition to the standard (per data point) formatting commands:

    <total> - displays the absolute sum of the values in the pie series.
    <cumulative> - displays the sum of the values up to the current pie data point.
    <percent> - displays the percent contribution of the pie value to the total pie sum.


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