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    In This Topic

    Nevron Rich Text Editor DOM (Document Object Model) is very close to the HTML DOM model with the exception that it extends it so that it can also accommodate Word specific features such as sections, headers and footers, fields, advanced fillings and borders, etc. which are missing in HTML.

    Conceptually there are two types of elements in the Nevron Rich Text Editor DOM:

    To model this all objects that you add to the Nevron Text DOM derive directly or indirectly from the NTextElement base class as shown on the following class diagram:

    In turn all objects can be classified as either inline or block, with the exception of the NTableColumn element. From the above class hierarchy you can see that both inline and block elements derive from the range text element base class. This is because each element in the Nevron Text document tree has a property called Range that is used for selection purposes.

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