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Range Based Widgets Overview

Range based widgets are widgets, which display a range and a current value. The range is defined by the Minimum and the Maximum properties of the range based widget, and the current value is stored in the Value property. When the Value changes the ValueChanged event is fired.

Range Based Widgets Class Hierarchy

The image below shows range base descendants:

Range Base

All range based widgets possess the following properties:

The NRangeBase class also provides an useful method called ClampValue(double value), which ensures that the given value is within the supported range.

Scroller Base

All scroller base widgets like sliders and scrollbars inherit the NScrollerBase class. It extends NRangeBase with the following properties:

The NScrollerBase class also provides a useful method called SnapValue(double value), which snaps the given value to the current SnappingStep.

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