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Range Series

The Range Chart displays shapes defined by the begin / end values of their bounding boxes. It can be used for display of histograms, bars with custom sizes etc. The following image shows a range chart:

Creating a Range Series

Range series are represented by the NRangeSeries type. An instance of this type must be added to the series collection of a Cartesian chart:

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NRangeSeries range = new NRangeSeries();

Passing Data

Range series accept data points of type NRangeDataPoint. The following code snippet shows how to add data to a range series:

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// Enable X values
range.UseXValues = true;

// Add a range data point covering the range [0, 0] to [10, 10]
NRangeDataPoint rangeDataPoint = new NRangeDataPoint();
rangeDataPoint.X = 0;
rangeDataPoint.Value = 0;
rangeDataPoint.X2 = 10;
rangeDataPoint.Y2 = 10;

Formatting Commands

The range series supports the following formatting commands in addition to the standard (per data point) formatting commands:

<y1> - displays the range y1 value. Has the same effect as the <value> command.
<x1> - displays the range x1 values. Has the same effect as the <xvalue> command.

<x2> - displays the range x2 value.
<y2> - displays the range y2 value.

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