Nevron Open Vision Documentation
Edition Comparison

The following tables list the features available in each edition of NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET.

Text features Lite Professional Enterprise
Text Processing Features
Bullets and Numbered Lists X X X
Character and Paragarph Formatting X X X
Clipboard X X X
Multiple Sections X
Multiple Columns in Section X
Headers and Footers X X
Hyperlinks and Bookmarks     X
Search And Replace  X  X X
Character, Paragarph and Table Styles  X  X X
Tables  X  X X
Floating Blocks and Tables     X
History (Undo / Redo)  X  X X
Zooming and Scrolling  X  X X
Tab Stops    X X
Fields    X X
Metafile Images    X X
Raster Images    X X
Embedded Widgets (Interactive Documents)   X
Group Blocks   X
Advanced Block Positioning     X
Advanced Table Features
Master Cells X
Table Cell Spacing X
Table Cell Vertical Alignment   X
Table Cell Orientation X
Layout and Paging Control
Paging Control (Page Break Before, Page Break After)   X X
Print Layout   X X
Web Layout  X X X
Normal Layout  X X
In Place Header / Footer Editing X X
Goto X X
Insert Break X
Group / Ungroup Blocks X X
Printing X X
Load from URL X X X
File Formats
Native XML X X X
Native Binary X X X
DOCX Format X X
PDF (Export only) X X
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