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Scale sections allow you to alter the appearance of different scale elements if they fall in a specified range. This allows you to visually highlight important ranges of data that the user has to pay special attention to.

Creating a Scale Section

You create a scale section by creating an instance of the NScaleSection class. The following code will create a scale section:

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// create the scale section
NScaleSection scaleSection = new NScaleSection();

scaleSection.Range = new NRange(2, 8);

// display the range on the back wall
scaleSection.ShowRangeAtBackground = true;
scaleSection.Fill =
new NColorFill(NColor.FromColor(NColor.Red, 0.5f));

// alter the major and minor grid stroke style if lines fall in the range [2, 8]
scaleSection.MajorGridStroke= new NStroke(NColor.Red);
scaleSection.MajorTickStroke =
new NStroke(NColor.DarkRed);
scaleSection.MinorTickStroke = new NStroke(1, NColor.Red, ENDashStyle.DashDot, null);

// alter the text style of the automatic labels
NTextStyle labelStyle = new NTextStyle();
labelStyle.Fill =
new NStockGradientFill(NColor.Red, NColor.DarkRed);
labelStyle.Font.Style =
scaleSection.LabelTextStyle = labelStyle;



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